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Wild Inanda Necklace Pendents

Silver Titanium Pendents

Wild Inanda Necklace Pendents

For a long time now, my weakness has been silver jewellery and over the past eight years I have collected quite a few sterling silver necklaces and earrings, since I was a teenager. In particular, I have always loved mineral stones and semi-precious gemstones as I absolutely adore their beautiful and striking dept of colours and natural formation. So when I stumbled upon these pretty necklaces from Wild Inanda, I knew I needed them in my collection…

Wild Indanda Pendents Stormy Pendent

Titanium Druzy Quartz and Labradorite

The Stones and Crystal

I usually buy small and delicate sterling silver jewellery from a small local independent shop in my hometown, but as they don’t stock quartz crystals or many pieces with filigree detailing, I thought these would be lovely as statement necklaces.

The turquoise pendent shown above is titanium druzy quartz, also known as titanium flame aura. The iridescent rainbow colour is dazzling and very vivid, and I thought it would work perfectly with most of my everyday outfits as I tend to wear a lot of greys, navy and neutral tones. If you wear a lot of monotone too, this would really add a pop of colour and a simple way to jazz up an outfit! Turquoise is my favourite colour and I have a bit of an addiction to collecting turquoise stone jewellery (more on that in another post!), so I noticed this gorgeous pendent immediately on Natasha’s online shop!

The stormy dark taupey coloured pendent features a labradorite stone set in pretty silver overlay filigree. When I bought the quartz pendent, Natasha had a brilliant offer on her shop, sending a free gift with any purchase (thanks Natasha!!). I utterly love the darker deep marbled tones of the stone which would also match well with much of my autumn/winter wardrobe. The pendents both come with long silver-toned chains but Natasha can swap this for a shorter chain on request which is also very lovely! I decided to go for the longer chains with both – not the norm for me! – and I’m quite happy I did, as it pairs well beneath a snuggly scarf, instead of being hidden away like a shorter chain necklace.

The Silver

These pendents feature 925 silver overlay which is the process of applying a layer of sterling silver over nickel silver (it is thicker and better quality than plated). As a sterling silver fan girl/junkie, these are my first silver overlay jewellery purchases and I couldn’t be happier with them!

I hope you like this little accessories post, and if you like these pendents, do check out Natasha’s Wild Inanda shop – she hand-crafts all the jewellery herself. I think it’s wonderful to support a home-grown British business, and much prefer authentic jewellery than high-street accessories (yes, even my kryptonite that is TopShop does not compare)!

Let me know if you like these too – does anyone else have an obsession with silver, mineral stones, and crystals? x

Wild Inanda


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