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Vegan Purple Smokey Eye

Purple smokey eye with natural minerals pigments | www.aprillilyrose.com

Vegan Purple Smokey Eye

Last weekend I headed out to Grasmere with my family for a meal together. As we don’t do this very often, it was the perfect opportunity to play around with some of my newest make-up additions and of course I opted for a good old smokey eye. It has to be my all time favourite eye make-up look. I love how it defines the eyes, especially so for girls with blue or green eyes; and with the attention on only one feature of the complexion, you can get away with making little effort with blusher or lipstick. On this occasion, I went for a plum-purple smokey look to step out from my norm of muted neutral shades. Best thing? No carmine or animal derivatives 🙂

Earthnicity purple shadowsBeautiful purple tones from Earthnicity | www.aprillilyrose.cmVegan purple smokey eye | www.aprillilyrose.comHow To Create The Look

  • After applying my base make-up, it’s time to get these eyes defined! For the primer I’m afraid to say I’m still wearing my Urban Decay Primer Potion or Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer. I have hooded eyes and so any shadow, or even a tiny smudge of eye kohl, causes major creasing. If you like you can try Make-up Base by Bellápierre though I’ve found it isn’t very long-lasting.
  • Starting in the crease I used Earthnicity Lavender (a grey-purple tone) as my transition colour applying several layers to create the definition I wanted. I brought this up towards the brow bone (not taking it up all the way to the brows). I swiped this same colour along my lower lash-line and across the outer third of my eyelids.
  • With Earthnicity Plum (a rich red-purple tone) I went just into the crease to bring a deeper dimension to the lavender shade without taking it towards the brow. I also took the same Plum shade into the outer lower lash-line.
  • Using Earthnicity Iced Coffee (medium golden-sugar shade), I patted this into the inner two-thirds of the eye, where I had not applied the two purple shades.
  • To add definition, I used Lavera Soft Natural Eyeliner in brown to tight-line and draw into my water-line. I used the same pencil to draw on top of the lids, along the outer corners, close to the lashes. With a small eyeshadow brush I blended this in before going back and patting Earthnicity Lavender on top.
  • Time to blend! I made sure to buff away any harsh lines with a clean fluffy brush, especially near my brow bone.
  • Curling my lashes, I then applied Green People Volumising Mascara to the upper and lower lashes (I’m in love with this mascara! Read my full review of it here).
  • Vegan purple smokey eye complete  😉

Hope you like the look! This would be beautiful on any colour eyes, but the purple will be sure to make green eyes pop. I find the three shadows I chose from my recent Earthnicity haul go together so well and really complement each other.

Amp It Up

If you wanted to make this look even more intense, you could also apply a black liquid eyeliner such as this vegan one from Lavera (I’ve heard good things about this natural eyeliner, and seen some positive reviews, so I’m hoping to purchase this soon!), or mix a dark eyeshadow with water, adding a cat flick to bring it into a dramatic evening look. I’ll be posting my DIY eyeliner soon so keep a look out for that 😀 Tweet me or comment if you try this or have any suggestions for eyeshadow shades similar to these that you think I might like!

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  • Hephzibah

    So pretty! I really like purple eyeshadows but have to be careful not to match them to my dark circles! 😛 Not heard of Earthnicity before, I will be having a look 🙂 x

    • Thank you Hephzibah! I really love the Earthnicity range of shades – they give great intensity yet the shades are very wearable 🙂 You could try a little bit of green powder concealer under the eyes, I have a bit of purple under my eyes too – I use a Honeypie Minerals one before patting on my mineral foundation and it seems to correct it 🙂 x x

  • What a lovely look! I adore smokey eyes as well but I’m usually to much of a minimalist to wear them very often. Thanks for the brand introduction to Earthnicity and I’ll have to try the Green People Volumising Mascara and Lavera liquid eyeliner.

  • Those earthnicity shadows look great! What a great, subtle yet impactful look 🙂 (making up words over here) it really makes your eyes pop 🙂 xx

    • Haha thanks Rachel! 😀 x x

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