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TOTM Organic Pads and Tampons Review

TOTM Organic Pads and Tampons

TOTM Organic Pads and Tampons Review

One of the main early changes I made when transitioning to a green lifestyle was to start using organic cotton pads and tampons. As a sufferer of chronic period pain for three years, it has been a key element to help reduce monthly pain, and maintain healthy feminine care without the use of harmful synthetics. There are a small number of organic brands available in the UK to cater for the eco girl. This is my TOTM organic pads and tampons review.

Organic feminine hygiene from British-brand TOTM | AprilLilyRose.com #natural #organiclivingTOTM Organic Pads and Tampons Review

Organic vs Synthetic

TOTM organic pads and tampons* are made of non-GM cotton, meaning they are free from pesticides, chlorine, dioxins and chemical fertilisers. Checking their website and product labelling, they state that they are certified by the Ethical and Environmental Certification Institute and the cotton is approved Global Organic Textile Standard (only textile products that contain a minimum of 70% organic fibres can become GOTS certified).

Conventional pads such as those made by Always and Bodyform are heavily perfumed. Have you ever noticed when you walk down the feminine hygiene aisle in the supermarket it just totally stinks of artificial fragrance? It’s gross and it makes me want to gag! Not only is it unhealthy to have a scented pad near your sensitive intimate area (who’s idea was that?) but it’s embarrassing. Why do I need to give everyone around me a signal by scent that it’s my time of the month? It’s not a subtle smell either, nor does it smell like flowers or roses or whatever else people would like their intimate area to smell like. It’s pungent and I can’t believe I ever used to think it was not weird to use those products.

Unscented and unadulterated, TOTM organic pads and tampons are just simple, plain, and do the job. They don’t need anything added to them to make them special, they’re for your vagina, not to wear around your neck on a piece of string.

Effective and Comfortable

One thing I worried about when I first ever bought organic pads and tampons was, were they going to be a bit strange and uncomfortable? I’m not sure why I thought this, but I was so so so impressed when I started using them. TOTM pads are fantastic, very comfortable, and besides the artificial smell of their mainstream competitors, they look the same! They are the same thickness, very absorbent and reliable. Here’s what I tried from the TOTM range:

I will say that one small criticism I have to make about organic tampons including the ones from TOTM are that they only have cardboard applicators. Whilst I know it’s better for the environment to not use plastic, I personally find the cardboard applicators are not the easiest thing to use. I never liked using tampons a lot anyway, so I’m happy enough to leave that struggle for the rare days I find myself going swimming.

Better for the Planet

The wrappers of the TOTM applicator tampons are made from paper but the wrappers of the non-applicator tampons and the pads are not currently biodegradable. This is because of the technical specifications required. Nevertheless, all the TOTM products are 95% biodegradable and it’s fantastic to be able to use a brand significantly more environmentally responsible than their non-natural conventional counterparts. 

It’s also impressive that they have resisted the temptation to offer compact applicator tampons (even though they are very popular) due to the waste that plastic applicators represent. I’m super excited to hear that TOTM are currently looking to develop bio-plastic applicators which I really hope they can offer soon 🙂

Verdict? Awesome!

I love this brand and what they represent in today’s mostly unethical and unhealthy market. I highly recommend trying TOTM pads and tampons which are available from their website and Amazon.

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  • Jessica Andrews

    I just happened to find these whilst researching why I was having “reactions” to sanitary products. I discovered about all the chemicals they contain and I thought why not give organic a try and from the first day of using them I am in love. I am usually in tears after my period as I am in a lot of pain from the rashes and cuts which I get and I haven’t been able to wear tampons for over a year due to that, so after trying TOTM I feel awesome, there’s no rash, I can wear tampons again. The price bothered me when buying them however now I know how amazing they are and how much easier and nicer it is making my period I would seriously recommend these to everyone, I have already done so with close relatives and friends. Who knows if word spreads more about this company then in the future prices may come down so even more people can have access to their great products.

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