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The Body Shop Massage Oils

The Body Shop Massage Oils

The Body Shop Massage Oils

From my days as a full time waitress not too long ago, these two massage oils became a favourite of mine for tired achey muscles. I love The Body Shop mostly for the accessories such as wooden combs, hair brushes, roller massagers and body brushes as their skincare, haircare and make-up products are packed full of the usual tripe (does anyone under the age of 70 still use this word?) – these being sulphates, mineral oils, petrochemicals, synthetic and artificial compounds, fragrances, fillers and irritants. Some of their massage oils however seem to be the only things they sell in addition to the odd essential oil, that are actually 100% natural and not made with any of these synthetic ingredients.

Aromatherapy Massage Oils

Harmonising Massage Oil

It smells minty, slightly citrusy, spicy and exotic. It says it’s inspired by Thai foot and hand massage, though since I haven’t been to Thailand I have no idea if this is correct! The oil blend includes lemongrass, basil, black pepper, ginger, cypress and camomile; all incredibly therapeutic and comforting aromas, which last on the skin for several hours. I absolutely love to massage some of this onto my calf muscles and feet if I have had a long day, or even just on my forearms and wrists before bed to ease any anxiety, soothe my mind and help me drift to sleep.


Soybean oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, sweet almond oil, olive fruit oil, sesame seed oil, marula oil, wheat germ oil, linalool, citral, geraniol, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, geranium oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, lemongrass oil, limonene, citronellol, palmarosa oil, basil oil, sweet marjoram oil, clary oil, eugenol, black pepper oil, Spanish sage oil, thyme oil, ginger root oil, patchouli oil, cypress oil, bay leaf oil, tocopherol, camomile oil, vetiver oil, hydrogenated palm glycerides citrate, farnesol, tamarind extract.

Very impressed with The Body Shop that they didn’t add any nasty additives into this lovely blend. I would mention that as this massage oil contains wheatgerm oil, corn oil and sesame oil, these are very high on the comedogenic (pore blocking) scale so if you have acne on your back, chest or shoulders I wouldn’t recommend applying to these areas. Instead focus on arms, legs, stomach, hands and feet.

Sensual Massage Oil

An intoxicating, very spicy, warm and woody scent, this sensual massage oil is inspired by Polynesian rituals. A blend combining Tahitian vanilla, ylang ylang, ginger and bergamot oils, I like to apply this after showering as part of my morning routine to both soften my skin and leave me with a beautiful fragrance all day. Or massaging in the evening after a long relaxing bath with candles. Dabbing a little behind the ears and on the neck make it a suitable date night fragrance 🙂


Ylang Ylang oil, lemon oil, linalool, elemi oil, geranium oil, vetiver oil, vanilla extract, ginger root oil, benzyl benzoate, citronellol, amyris oil, bergamot oil, mandarin oil, geranoil, tocopherol, balsam of Peru oil, benzyl salicylate, citral, mimosa extract, citronella oil, star anise oil, farnesol, benzyl cinnamate, cardamom oil, eugenol, isoeugenol, rose oil, sandalwood oil.

This one sadly does contain benzyl benzoate (not too much to worry about in small amounts, but larger quantities of this in products can be irritating and drying to skin). Benzyl salicylate is a natural constituent of essential oils including ylang ylang. Benzyl cinnamate sounds synthetic, but it actually derives naturally from balsam of Peru and balsam of Tolu. Farnasol is an organic compound which is part of essential oils including palmarosa and ylang ylang, as is isoeugenol. Eugenol is naturally occuring in clove oil.

Though I did buy these massage oils before deciding to use only green beauty and skincare products, I have decided to continue to use up the Sensual Oil. Once finished I will be creating my own homemade version based on the essential oils in this recipe – keep a look out for a blog post about this coming soon! I have also been trying a blend from Bloom Remedies recently, so I will be posting a review about that one too.

Has anyone else tried these massage oils? Any recommendations for other natural brands, handmade in the UK? Please let me know in a comment or tweet me.

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