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Natural makeup to fake looking awake

Guest Post – Fake It ‘Til You Wake It

Today I'm so pleased to feature a guest blog post from Bristol-based beauty blogger, Sasha Seaward. She is the writer behind Balanced Beauty Bristol, and has some amazing tips for how to look refreshed when you don't feel it. Fake It 'Til You Wake It So as tired mumma with a toddler who has rubbish nighttime habits, I have picked up more than a few tips and tricks to make myself look just that little bit more awake. (Or on the really bad days... you know, just to look ALIVE is good). In fact I'd say I was a bit of an [...]
Three natural products for soft hair

3 Natural Products for Soft Bouncy Hair

Since getting blonde balayage last month after a four-year break from highlighting my hair, it's all come flooding back to me now how much maintenance is involved! Especially if you have your hair lightened, you'll understand the battle with keeping your locks looking and feeling soft and healthy. As my hair is also fine and quite thin, it is less tolerant to colouring and can easily become brittle. This is my tried and tested method of preventing hair from becoming dry and damaged as a result of bleach colour-treatment using only 3 natural products. Step 1: Hair Oil This is something [...]
Purple smokey eye with natural minerals pigments | www.aprillilyrose.com

Vegan Purple Smokey Eye

Last weekend I headed out to Grasmere with my family for a meal together. As we don't do this very often, it was the perfect opportunity to play around with some of my newest make-up additions and of course I opted for a good old smokey eye. It has to be my all time favourite eye make-up look. I love how it defines the eyes, especially so for girls with blue or green eyes; and with the attention on only one feature of the complexion, you can get away with making little effort with blusher or lipstick. On this occasion, [...]
Bronzing, contouring and highlighting!

How To: Contouring, Bronzing and Highlighting

This is my method of bronzing, contouring and highlighting using a few of my favourite natural make-up products. This is especially handy for the fair-skinned girls! (Warning, scary images of my face coming up.....) Contouring & Highlighting This is something I do almost every day (not exactly like above haha). As I've tried to illustrate in the picture, it's a method of applying make-up to certain areas of the face to help create definition. It's a bit like painting, you need to add light and dark tones to create contrast, shadow and depth, to make the key features stand out. [...]
Delicious Red!

Strawberry Red Lipstick ft. Ilia + Lavera

It feels as though spring has kind of arrived in a very British, reserved and enigmatic way. It has been gloriously sunny up in the Lakes recently, but true to form the grey skies and chill in the air have crashed the spring party just to let you know they're still there and you don't live in Southern France like you pretend you do when the sun is pouring golden rays of happiness into your soul as you eat your lunch Al Fresco on a green lush park lawn. Not sure what I'm talking about but let's get on to [...]