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Caudalie Tinted Legs Bronzing Oil

Caudalie Divine Legs Tinted Body Lotion

It's Sunday afternoon and what a beautiful day! As I'm writing this it's ridiculously hot here in Cumbria (one of those days when you walk outside and you get blasted in the face with the rare and endangered warm breeze!). Following a night of constant rain, thunder and lightning - we are usually very excitable with storms and will stare out of the window with all the lights off for a good hour and exclaim at each flash in the sky like weirdos - it's been lovely to see that today turned out to be one of the best warm days [...]
Lani Tropical Hair & Body Treatments

Beach Vibes: Lani Tropical Hair and Body

These long summer days have been lovely especially up here in the Lakes, which has been a nice change from previous wash-out summers! And with the higher temperatures, hours spent outside in the sun and recent re-ignited love affair with my hair curling wand (bad I know but I wanted boys to think I was a mermaid), my hair has taken a bit of a beating. While I wouldn't say it's terribly sun damaged, I have noticed my hair has become quite dry with a lot of split ends. I don't use heat styling tools very frequently (maybe once or [...]
Laidbare and Lavera

Laidbare Tantastic and Lavera Self Tan

This summer I have been on a mini mission to finally find a natural and organic self tan without any parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates, or synthetic DHA so I can avoid baring my lily-white legs to the world! Last week whilst I was away in York, we had some amazing weather and I was able to test run two new purchases: Laidbare Tantastic and Lavera Self Tan. Lavera Self Tan Face Cream, 50ml I decided to buy a self tan specifically for the face as I have been having some seriously major issues with my skin lately and wanted to avoid using [...]

4 Summer Gold Make-Up Staples

Recently I picked up a few new make-up bits in anticipation of some summer rays, and like a lot of girls I love the idea of the summer golden and naturally sun-kissed look! Browsing some of my favourite green beauty websites, I hunted down these gold-copper-shimmer products to add that summer glow which I especially love using with a bronzed tan... Bellápierre Vanilla Pink Super Gloss A rich bronze-pink with golden shimmer, Bellápierre seem to have captured summer glow in their Vanilla Pink Super Gloss. It's a gorgeous shade that reminds me of toasted caramelised almonds and smells of vanilla cupcakes. A staple for the handbag [...]
Famous Dave's Tan

Greenwashing | Famous Dave’s Tan

If the completely fickle British weather allows, summertime is skirt weather: the only time of the year the skin above my knees sees any daylight whatsoever, so this is when I like to whip out the fake tan! Unlike my lucky olive-skinned sister, I have pasty pale skin. The type of pale skin that is almost translucent and makes me feel like I am a jelly fish. And the very same pasty pale skin which down-right refuses to tan naturally and people ask me if I'm unwell. To achieve summer bronzed skin, and make myself look a bit more human, [...]
A pitcher of good ol' homemade lemonade!

Healthy Honey Mint Lemonade

Summer BBQs and picnics in the park or on the beach aren't the same without a delicious ice-cold and refreshing pitcher of lovingly-made fresh lemonade: and I'm not talking about that fizzy stuff from the supermarket! If you haven't tried homemade traditional lemonade then fear not, because it is actually very easy to concoct and only takes 15 minutes. A tasty treat, I've been whipping up lots of this summertime drink to cool down in this delightful hot sunny weather. Healthy Honey Mint Lemonade Many recipes I have found for homemade lemonade, including a few on the BBC Good Food [...]
Ilia Shell Shock

A Sheer Summer Pink | Ilia Shell Shock

Lipsticks can be hard work sometimes. They require constant applications during the day and after everything you eat or drink, for which you must use a mirror or else look like the Joker from Batman, and most frustrating of all they can have a tendency to dry lips. My lips are extraordinarily dry anyway so I find it a struggle to be best friends with lipstick. It's like I have lizards stuck to my face sometimes. This summer, I have been keen to go for a pretty lip colour without a matte finish, which is super easy to apply when out [...]
Zoya Jolene pink nail polish

Perfect Pink Nails ft. Zoya Jolene

For the girls out there that like a good bright pink nail, then you might like this little pink number from Zoya. I had to refrain myself from likening it to Barbie's trademark sugary sweet shade, but that is Zoya's Jolene summed up in one word. My apologies to anyone that slightly cringed at the mention of wearing Barbie nails, I kinda did too, but I do believe it is possible to wear this colour without looking like Elle from Legally Blonde :) Colour Swatch The Zoya website describes Jolene as a "summery and bold cool toned girly pink cream" which sounds [...]
Lily Lolo Bondi Bronze & Waikiki

Lily Lolo Waikiki and Bondi Bronze

A permanent staple in my everyday make-up routine, I have become completely obsessed with Lily Lolo's bronzers since I bought them. They previously featured in my February favourites and look likely to stay in my favourites for a long time, I seriously cannot be without them. Affordable, beautiful pigmentation and just the right amount of shimmer: instant bronzed summer goddess in a pot! Application First off, I am more of a mineral powder girl and don't really like using cream make-up products very much since I use mineral powder foundation instead of liquid. These bronzers buff into the skin really [...]
Delicious Red!

Strawberry Red Lipstick ft. Ilia + Lavera

It feels as though spring has kind of arrived in a very British, reserved and enigmatic way. It has been gloriously sunny up in the Lakes recently, but true to form the grey skies and chill in the air have crashed the spring party just to let you know they're still there and you don't live in Southern France like you pretend you do when the sun is pouring golden rays of happiness into your soul as you eat your lunch Al Fresco on a green lush park lawn. Not sure what I'm talking about but let's get on to [...]