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Botanicals Body Lotion

Botanicals Lemongrass Mandarin Body Lotion Review

With the glorious hot weather these last few weeks, cooling lightweight body care products are what you need for summer. My trusted coconut oil is sitting on the reserve bench, whilst refreshing and quick-absorbing lotions are my current go-to in the morning. Natural and 91% organic, the Lemongrass Mandarin Body Lotion*, kindly sent to me from Botanicals, has been my in my daily routine for the past couple of months. Looking to try green beauty body care from a British brand? Read on for my Botanicals Lemongrass Mandarin Body Lotion review. Botanicals Lemongrass Mandarin Body Lotion Review Summer means a bit of [...]
TOTM Organic Pads and Tampons

TOTM Organic Pads and Tampons Review

One of the main early changes I made when transitioning to a green lifestyle was to start using organic cotton pads and tampons. As a sufferer of chronic period pain for three years, it has been a key element to help reduce monthly pain, and maintain healthy feminine care without the use of harmful synthetics. There are a small number of organic brands available in the UK to cater for the eco girl. This is my TOTM organic pads and tampons review. TOTM Organic Pads and Tampons Review Organic vs Synthetic TOTM organic pads and tampons* are made of non-GM cotton, meaning [...]
Green People organic mascara and sea shells

Green People Volumising Mascara

The other week I posted a quick first impressions of a few Green People talc-free make-up things, and also promised to fully review each product individually, so here we are... my review of the Green People Volumising Mascara*! I have to say, this mascara has completely taken top spot in my natural mascara collection since I first used it! Whilst I don't have the largest stash of mascara, I have been using this wonderful Green People Volumising Mascara in Black pretty much everyday. It does everything it promises, and truly creates thicker-looking beautiful wispy lashes with no clumping or crumbling. Clinique High [...]
Green People Gold Shimmer Bronzer

Green People Gold Shimmer Bronzer

My latest, and only natural bronzer in my make-up collection! Until now I have been using only the Warmth loose powder from Bare Minerals to add a little colour to my pale complexion, since learning that my much loved Ecco Bella Flowercolour Blush in Nutmeg contains carmine (so annoying as it was so pretty). I also learned a couple of months back that bismuth oxychloride (CI 77163) is an irritant and synthetic compound which is, and most likely has been, contributing to my skin problems. I have since switched my loose mineral foundation powder to a bismuth oxychloride free brand, and now more [...]
Madara Moonflower Set

Madara Tinting Fluid Review

As someone who used to be inseparable with her MAC Studio Fix, I still find it amazing I can now happily use a sheer tinting fluid rather than a heavy-duty liquid foundation. This Madara tinting fluid has been a favourite and an everyday make-up staple of mine for two years! Choosing Which Shade Moon Flower Rose Beige Vs Sun Flower Golden Beige Initially I began using the Sun Flower Golden Beige shade, as I thought my pale complexion needed a boost and quite frankly, I was scared to look like the living dead should I actually wear a foundation colour [...]
Natural toxic-free rose spray

DIY Rose Toner & Make-up Setting Spray

I'm very excited to share a post about my favourite homemade product which I use excessively everyday. It's an easy, all-natural, chemical-free way to incorporate the goodness of roses into your skincare routine. As someone that likes quick ways to get ready in the morning and at night (I'm always in a rush in the morning and desperate to get to bed at night!) I like a skincare routine with as few steps as possible and products that don't require much fuss. I decided to create this multi-purpose spray which is perfect for using as a prepping facial toner and primer before [...]