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Sangria and Cherry Lips

Green People Sangria and Cherry Lips

During January and February I got a little bit obsessed with lipstick. I'm not sure why I do this but every month or so I become fanatic about one particular type of make-up product I want (is this normal?). So whilst browsing the internet, I decided to try the Green People Eco Cherry lipstick as I do like a good dark red! Texture & Application The first lipstick that came through the post did not look nice at all. As you might have seen from the twitter image I posted, the lipstick appeared to have mould all over it. I [...]
Vegan Inika Lipsticks

Mission: Natural Bright Red Lip

Following on from my review of my favourite natural and vegan lip salves and the perfect dark vampish vegan lipstick, I have made it my mission to find the 'holy grail' bright red lipstick that is of course sourced from completely natural ingredients and carmine free (that's the hard part). Here are three natural and non-crushed-up-insect lipsticks I have bought and tested over the past month... Left, Inika Rosebud; right, Inika Electric Red Inika Rosebud I'll start with the least sharp red-shade of the three. Whilst I quite like this lipstick for a more earthy-pinky tone, it definitely isn't categorically red. What [...]