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Ilia Shell Shock

A Sheer Summer Pink | Ilia Shell Shock

Lipsticks can be hard work sometimes. They require constant applications during the day and after everything you eat or drink, for which you must use a mirror or else look like the Joker from Batman, and most frustrating of all they can have a tendency to dry lips. My lips are extraordinarily dry anyway so I find it a struggle to be best friends with lipstick. It's like I have lizards stuck to my face sometimes. This summer, I have been keen to go for a pretty lip colour without a matte finish, which is super easy to apply when out [...]
Delicious Red!

Strawberry Red Lipstick ft. Ilia + Lavera

It feels as though spring has kind of arrived in a very British, reserved and enigmatic way. It has been gloriously sunny up in the Lakes recently, but true to form the grey skies and chill in the air have crashed the spring party just to let you know they're still there and you don't live in Southern France like you pretend you do when the sun is pouring golden rays of happiness into your soul as you eat your lunch Al Fresco on a green lush park lawn. Not sure what I'm talking about but let's get on to [...]