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Famous Dave's Tan

Greenwashing | Famous Dave’s Tan

If the completely fickle British weather allows, summertime is skirt weather: the only time of the year the skin above my knees sees any daylight whatsoever, so this is when I like to whip out the fake tan! Unlike my lucky olive-skinned sister, I have pasty pale skin. The type of pale skin that is almost translucent and makes me feel like I am a jelly fish. And the very same pasty pale skin which down-right refuses to tan naturally and people ask me if I'm unwell. To achieve summer bronzed skin, and make myself look a bit more human, [...]
Pacifica Opened Tin

Pacifica Ruby Guava Solid Perfume

Last week, I was browsing a few online green beauty stores, and decided it would be great to try an all-natural perfume. The only natural perfume I've already tried are my own creations using a blend of essential oils in a carrier oil, but the trouble is I find it hard to get the scent to stay and not wear off after 5 minutes. Finding this Pacifica Hawaiian Solid Perfume in the sale, I had high hopes this would be amazing! The Scent What The Box Says "Inspired by a surfing trip to Hawaii, this sexy and sultry tropical blend combines sweet, [...]
Bellapierre Supergloss 4 Pack

Bellàpierre Super Gloss

When I saw this lipgloss set from Bellàpierre, I had heard of the brand but hadn't bought anything from them before, nor did I really know much about them. Reading the back of the pack, a quick skim through the ingredients I glanced at a few long chemical names I didn't recognise (bad sign) but was won over by the shiny green sticker on the front declaring it as Winner of the Natural Health Magazine 2014 Beauty Awards - so I was a sucker and decided to impulse buy and try them out (£12.99 from TKMaxx, RRP £34.99). Recently I haven't been [...]