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Living Nature Foundation Review

Living Nature Foundation Review

If I'm honest, most natural and organic 'foundations' have about as much coverage as a tinted moisturiser. Acne, angry blemishes, and bad bad skin days have sadly not been helped by the green beauty makeup I own. Late last year, I went through a really horrid acne phase (again!!)... maybe due to stress... I wish I knew... but my forehead and skin around my mouth kept breaking out in big (and I mean FAT ASS) spots that just... Would. Not. Go away. Annoying enough. However, working in a front of house position in hospitality, I was desperate to hide my bumpy, [...]
Green People DD Moisturiser

Green People Tinted DD Moisturiser

Hands up pale girls who have the problem with finding an ivory foundation that is actually anywhere close to the colour of white ivory!?? I bring forth good news - the hunt is over, there is a brand that have created a tinted moisturiser that (hold your breath) isn't orange. It's hard to believe, I know, but finally the Snow Whites out there can use a product that doesn't need to be mixed with anything else to make it match our porcelain skin. As if this couldn't be amazing enough, it also helps prevent wrinkles... Mind blown. Could it be [...]
Green People Talc Free Collection

Green People Talc-Free Make-Up

So the other week I wrote about how I was little impressed with Green People's Gold Shimmer Bronzer (despite it being quite pretty) due to the ingredients list including talc. I found this a bit naughty, considering their claims that their make-up products contain no harsh additives. In response Green People kindly sent me a few of their products from their new range (OK so I think these have been available for a little while so I'm a bit late to the game!) of talc-free make-up with new design packaging. Here are my first impressions... Pressed Powder I was sent [...]