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TOTM Organic Pads and Tampons

TOTM Organic Pads and Tampons Review

One of the main early changes I made when transitioning to a green lifestyle was to start using organic cotton pads and tampons. As a sufferer of chronic period pain for three years, it has been a key element to help reduce monthly pain, and maintain healthy feminine care without the use of harmful synthetics. There are a small number of organic brands available in the UK to cater for the eco girl. This is my TOTM organic pads and tampons review. TOTM Organic Pads and Tampons Review Organic vs Synthetic TOTM organic pads and tampons* are made of non-GM cotton, meaning [...]
Natural remedies for period pain

Natural Remedies for Period Pain

Period pain is one of the various annoying things us women have to endure in our lives. If you're lucky, you hardly feel much discomfort. For others, it's sheer hell involving cold sweats, fainting and nausea. I'm unfortunately one that has for several years enjoyed the latter! Thankfully I have found several natural remedies for period pain to combat serious dysmenorrhea. My Personal Experience with Period Pain During my teens I had no issues at all, every month came and went without a fuss. I thought I had ingeniously outwitted PMS. Out of nowhere, one month at the age of [...]