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Raw chocolate snack bars

Healthy Raw Chocolate Snack Bars

Firstly, hello I'm still alive! It's been a bit quiet on here lately and it's mostly been down to starting a new job. I always find starting a new job rather stressful, even when I'm trying my hardest not to. I've generally been feeling rather rubbish which hasn't helped. Anyway I decided to try and help myself by eating properly. Healthy Energy I am one of those people that will not eat when stressed so I've lost a little weight. I wanted something wholesome yet high-energy to snack on at work to counteract this, packed full of protein and definitely [...]
Chocolate, strawberry and blueberry porridge

Chocolate Strawberry Blueberry Porridge

This recipe is for my fellow chocolate lovers! I am a big chocolate fan and definitely love sweet breakfasts over savoury: this is the result of my personal mission to create a healthy chocolate breakfast option to substitute my Coco Pops addiction. I actually devised this about three years ago and thought it was about time I shared this mind-blowing recipe with the world! As I'm absolutely not a morning person whatsoever, breakfast has to be simple and delicious to get me out of bed but quick to make to fit into my mad morning rush. This is my favourite healthy and filling go-to breakfast [...]