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Sangria and Cherry Lips

Green People Sangria and Cherry Lips

During January and February I got a little bit obsessed with lipstick. I'm not sure why I do this but every month or so I become fanatic about one particular type of make-up product I want (is this normal?). So whilst browsing the internet, I decided to try the Green People Eco Cherry lipstick as I do like a good dark red! Texture & Application The first lipstick that came through the post did not look nice at all. As you might have seen from the twitter image I posted, the lipstick appeared to have mould all over it. I [...]
All-Natural Winter Lip Salves

3 Top Natural Lip Salves

It's finally starting to get wintery and the cosy warm clothes have been dug out of the back of my wardrobe. The bad news: we're now officially in dry lips season. My poor lips really suffer during these months and even though they are dry all year round, they are completely horrible at winter. In preparation, I have been on the look out for some balms and salves that can rescue my lips whilst also adding a lovely red hue - wearable for any day of the week whether you are at school or work. Winter SOS Hurraw! Black Cherry [...]