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Coconut Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

Coconut Strawberry Smoothie

For the longest time, breakfast was my favourite ever meal of the day. It used to be *the only thing* that would get me out of bed. I'd be so excited to dig into a bowl of muesli or boiled eggs and a hot cup of tea. These days, it's all gone the other way. I feel like the childhood magic of breakfast has worn off, and I've finally grown-up. It's a bit strange but I can hardly look cereal, porridge or cute little freshly boiled eggs in the morning and have to literally force myself to eat something. Here's where [...]
Chocolate, strawberry and blueberry porridge

Chocolate Strawberry Blueberry Porridge

This recipe is for my fellow chocolate lovers! I am a big chocolate fan and definitely love sweet breakfasts over savoury: this is the result of my personal mission to create a healthy chocolate breakfast option to substitute my Coco Pops addiction. I actually devised this about three years ago and thought it was about time I shared this mind-blowing recipe with the world! As I'm absolutely not a morning person whatsoever, breakfast has to be simple and delicious to get me out of bed but quick to make to fit into my mad morning rush. This is my favourite healthy and filling go-to breakfast [...]
Creating the Best Smoothie Ever

Green Kale Smoothies

Tried cooking or incorporating kale into your diet but dislike the taste or texture? This is the method for you! Since personally failing miserably to make kale edible on it's own, I have discovered the only way I could ever love kale was to liquidise it and mask any trace of it's bitter taste with a bunch of yummy fruits and juice to transform it into seriously awesome. Why We Need to Make Kale Edible Hailed as a superfood, kale has become a recently popular vegetable for a good reason. An excellent source of vitamins A, C and K, this [...]