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Botanicals Body Lotion

Botanicals Lemongrass Mandarin Body Lotion Review

With the glorious hot weather these last few weeks, cooling lightweight body care products are what you need for summer. My trusted coconut oil is sitting on the reserve bench, whilst refreshing and quick-absorbing lotions are my current go-to in the morning. Natural and 91% organic, the Lemongrass Mandarin Body Lotion*, kindly sent to me from Botanicals, has been my in my daily routine for the past couple of months. Looking to try green beauty body care from a British brand? Read on for my Botanicals Lemongrass Mandarin Body Lotion review. Botanicals Lemongrass Mandarin Body Lotion Review Summer means a bit of [...]
Sukin Body Creme

Feeling Tropical: Sukin Moisture Rich Body Crème Review

For most days, I like to use good old coconut oil to moisturise in the morning after a bath. There are times when coconut oil is a royal pain in the arse. For example when your brain turns to potato and you forget that coconut oil is an oil. And that getting dressed with oil on your hands will saturate your clothes with oil. Which will then take 7 washes to come out. Or the time you put too much on your under arms and you had oil patches on your new Topshop tee in said area for a fortnight. [...]
JOIK Fresh & Smooth Gift Box

JOIK Fresh and Smooth Gift Set

Summer for me is the time to amp-up the bath and body pampering. As the temperatures happily saunter between 15-20 degrees and the sun decides to be a little more generous with our weekly allowance of beautiful warm sunshine (intermittently with grey skies and rain), it's the three months my over-worked jeans get a bit of a break. Even when it's not perfect bright clear skies with the sun beating down, I cannot bear to wear stupidly tight leg-suffocating skinny jeans in muggy weather. And now we get to walk into town wearing just a tee, leaving our trusty jackets at [...]
Bluebells and body lotion bars

DIY Mango and Coconut Body Lotion Bars

in DIY
This weekend I've been whipping up some DIY beauty treats with my momma! We used up some homemade body lotion bars I made a few weeks ago (these lavender ones) so we decided to try a different mix of oils to add to the recipe for something with a more summertime vibe. What could be more delicious than some tropical inspired mango and coconut body lotion bars :) DIY Mango and Coconut Body Lotion Bars The recipe is so simple and very easy to make, this is what you will need; 1 cup mango butter 1 cup cocoa butter 1/2 cup [...]