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Living Nature Foundation Review

Living Nature Foundation Review

If I'm honest, most natural and organic 'foundations' have about as much coverage as a tinted moisturiser. Acne, angry blemishes, and bad bad skin days have sadly not been helped by the green beauty makeup I own. Late last year, I went through a really horrid acne phase (again!!)... maybe due to stress... I wish I knew... but my forehead and skin around my mouth kept breaking out in big (and I mean FAT ASS) spots that just... Would. Not. Go away. Annoying enough. However, working in a front of house position in hospitality, I was desperate to hide my bumpy, [...]
Nourish balance moisturiser

Nourish Moisturiser for Combination Skin

The woes of combination skin. How do you tackle excess oil, shine and dry patches on your face all at the same time? Thank you dear face for deciding to be everything difficult and not just choosing one skin issue. This is especially annoying when trying to find a moisturiser that will multi-task and treat all these problem areas as well as acne flare-ups. In the past I have found many products that are good for either dry skin or oily skin but not both (I'm sure every girl has faced this same distressing calamity). Lately I have been trialling [...]
5 Raw Honey Recipes To Heal Acne Naturally | aprillilyrose.com

6 Raw Honey Acne Remedies

Raw honey is the most effective, most powerful and safest natural remedy I have found to help treat and heal my cystic acne. Six months ago I switched from my prescription antibiotic topical lotion from my GP which I had been using for 2 years, to simply a jar of raw honey. Since then, I have not looked back and I thoroughly recommend anyone having trouble with acne to try this side-effect free option! The Side-Effects of Conventional Acne Treatments Before researching natural solutions, I tried in vain several different options from both high street beauty brands and the pharmacy. [...]
Earthnicity Minerals

Mini Spring Haul | Earthnicity

Last month I may have had a mini splurge on another green British beauty brand, but it was definitely worth it! When I first came across Earthnicity on twitter totally by accident, I fell in love with their range of makeup. Here's a few bits I picked up with the spring season in mind... British & Independent A big plus for me! I very much love supporting homegrown brands and it makes me feel a little more confident about the ethics of the company. Earthnicity Minerals, based in London, have a whole range of 100% pure mineral make-up without any of the [...]
Lily Lolo Bondi Bronze & Waikiki

Lily Lolo Waikiki and Bondi Bronze

A permanent staple in my everyday make-up routine, I have become completely obsessed with Lily Lolo's bronzers since I bought them. They previously featured in my February favourites and look likely to stay in my favourites for a long time, I seriously cannot be without them. Affordable, beautiful pigmentation and just the right amount of shimmer: instant bronzed summer goddess in a pot! Application First off, I am more of a mineral powder girl and don't really like using cream make-up products very much since I use mineral powder foundation instead of liquid. These bronzers buff into the skin really [...]
Handmade Naturals Moisturiser

Non-Comedogenic Moisturiser ft. Handmade Naturals

A couple of weeks ago I put out a tweet asking for recommendations for an affordable hydrating moisturiser from natural/organic brands. After my interesting faux-pas with coconut oil as a moisturiser (I ended up having to steam my face over the course of a few weeks to help clear my skin again) I have become very wary of which oils and butters are the most comedogenic i.e. pore-blocking. A bit of research using this very helpful list and this one interestingly found that cocoa butter, coconut butter, coconut oil, wheatgerm oil, soybean oil and red algae are the main oils and butters [...]
Lyonsleaf Calendula Cream

The Benefits of Calendula ft. Lyonsleaf

The vibrant golden sunset yellow-orange petals of marigold or Mary's gold (Calendula officinalis) are both lovely to admire and beneficial for treating numerous ailments. An ancient plant that has been used since the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs, the daisy-like herbaceous perennial flower is native from southern Europe to the Middle East and North Africa; and widely used in herbal remedies due to its abundant medicinal properties, as well as an edible adornment in salads and cooked dishes. A rich source (argued as one of the richest) of antioxidant phytochemicals including carotenoids, lycopine and lutein, calendula presents itself as a must-have in [...]
Clove acne oil - April Lily Rose

DIY Clove Acne Treatment

Since reading about the skin benefits of clove oil, I have been testing it out in all sorts of DIY home remedies and skincare products including in a coffee sugar scrub and even bath bombs. Clove and cinnamon essential oils both have incredible medicinal properties including; naturally antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and clove oil is analgesic (powerful pain-reliever) - the perfect oils to create an acne treatment. My Acne Problems Before I began to use natural products, I had a problem with cystic acne mainly around my mouth, chin and mildly across my forehead. In conjunction with these red, inflamed [...]