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So Eco Bamboo Make-Up Brushes

So Eco Bamboo Make-Up Brushes

A visit to TKMaxx is usually the same drill for me: first make a bee-line for the bargain nail polish, face serums, bath salts and make-up; second browse the shoes and have ridiculous hopes for anything lovely in a puny size three; lastly attack the homeware aisle even though I don’t have my own house or flat…. or my own bedroom. Last month was a slightly disappointing trip as the stock in store wasn’t the best, especially on the natural skincare and make-up front (there wasn’t even any Dr. Bronner’s!). I did however manage to pick up these beautifully packaged So Eco bamboo make-up brushes, which turned out to be a serious gem-find.

So Eco bamboo make-up brushesLovely recycled packagingThe Packaging

It’s so refreshing to see a brand that takes its social responsibility seriously, so I was more than impressed when I read the back of the So Eco make-up brush boxes explaining where they sourced the materials for the packaging and how they are sustainable. The boxes the brushes are presented in are made from board that is PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) approved from managed forests. The plastic-looking window is actually made from corn starch!

About The Brushes – Why Are They So Awesome?

Here is what is says on the back of the packaging (and try not to be blown away by the amazingness of this company): “I am made from recycled and sustainable materials that are compostable, recyclable and bio-degradable. My bristles are super soft and cruelty-free. My handle is made from bamboo which is an ecologically sustainable material. My aluminium ferule is recycled. I’m held together using water-based adhesives and printed using vegetable inks. I am a true eco alternative”. They are also hand-cut and trimmed!

So Eco Bronzer and Multi-tasking brushesDo They Apply Make-Up Well?

They most certainly do! I can even say, they are ten times better than Real Techniques (of which I have a fair few)!! The bristles are honestly the softest I’ve ever felt – I literally feel like I am stroking my face with a puppy. This really helps if you have irritated, sensitive and sore skin from break-outs. And can you believe they are densely packed too: a trait in make-up brushes that is hard to find with a budget under £10 per brush! Here’s how I found each brush I purchased:

So Eco Bronzer Brush

The biggest face brush I could find in the range, I am so happy I decided to purchase the So Eco Bronzer Brush and I don’t know where I would be without it for applying my mineral loose foundation powder. I currently reach for it everyday over my previous favourite by Earthnicity (previous blog post about some of their products and kabuki brush here). I love that the bristles aren’t really long and floppy unlike the Eco Tools powder brush I own, making it so much easier to evenly pat on powder. The brush head is really large, fluffy and rounded, very similar to a kabuki brush. The handle is fairly long too which I like as I feel I have more control with applying make-up, and it also has a flat end so it can stand up on my dresser 🙂

So Eco Multi Tasking Brush

Just super rad. The Multi Tasking Brush is the perfect size for contouring, bronzer or blush. It is a medium-small size (larger than the Real Techniques Contour Brush which I find too small) to fit into the hollows of the cheeks and neatly apply make-up. Again, shorter bristles rather than floppy and useless (no pun intended). Unfortunately I can’t find it anywhere online so I am assuming it is discontinued which is a shame – hopefully it may still be stocked in TKMaxx!

So Eco Duo BrushesSo Eco Face Duo Brush

This is a double-ended make-up brush which I haven’t seen before but I really like. One end is angled and fairly fluffy, the other is domed and pointed. Both brush heads are very useful and I use them for carefully concealing spots and blemishes. The pointed end would also work very well to apply eyeshadow in the crease. I think the duo brushes are being discontinued though I found that they still have the pointed end available to buy as the Concealer Brush.

So Eco Eye Duo Brush

Another double-ended brush, it cleverly has one end for packing on eyeshadow and the other for applying eyeliner. The ergonomic design of this brush is quite lovely as with the other brushes, making them comfortable to hold and enjoyable to use. Both ends of this duo brush are available to buy separately as the Eye Shading Brush and the Angled Eyeliner Brush.

Where To Purchase

As I mentioned I found mine in TKMaxx, but they are also available from Amazon, Sainsbury’s (never seen them in my local but may be stocked in the massive stores), Tesco, Bodycare (personally never seen them here either), So In Vogue and Fragrance Direct. The So Eco brand have a fantastic range of brushes and I highly recommend anyone to take a look at them and consider purchasing in place of non-sustainable make-up tools. The quality is unbelievable especially for the affordable price, I will definitely be buying more!

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  • Ana Green

    These look great, I love some of the eco tools brushes but never tried these 🙂 Xx

    • Thank you Ana they are so so good! I cannot recommend them enough they are the best brushes I have ever had and I have tried a few from green and non-green brands 🙂 Personally much prefer them over Eco Tools and beautifully soft x x

  • Love the look of these, TK Maxx have some great products!

  • Hi Sophie,

    I’ve coveted these for a while, and it’s so nice to hear they live up to their name! Will definitely have a look next time in TK Maxx, I didn’t even know they were in there!

    Besma (Curiously Conscious)

  • I keep seeing exciting things that people find in TKMaxx & these sound great! I must make a trip to one soon. 🙂 x

    • Hi Emily – you should! So many great finds, it’s like Aladdin’s Cave 🙂 x

  • Wild Organic Beauty

    I love T K Maxx! It’s seriously a fun day out for me, especially when there are some organic beauty finds… I’ve pretty much stuck to EcoTools, so it’s good to hear such positive things about a different brand. xx

    • Hi Katie – me too! I always get so excited going to TKMaxx haha 🙂 Thanks yes I was surprised to find these brushes, I’d never heard of them before x x

  • patternoftaste

    I have just recently purchased my first full set of brushes from Eco Tools so it’s great to hear a review of another brand. The bronzer brush looks great, with the shorter bristles, which I agree are so much better for applying mineral foundations.

    Ewelina xx

    Of Taste
    | Our
    Youtube channel

    • Hi Ewelina, thanks yes I have quickly fallen in love with these brushes! I didn’t have the best time with EcoTools, I found the bristles too long and not as dense as I would have liked. So Eco seem to be a better brand for me 🙂 x

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