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Rooibos Matcha Cacao Cookies

Yummy healthy cookies covered in dark chocolate!

Rooibos Matcha Cacao Cookies

Lately I’ve had the baking bug and finally got round to making some healthy sweet treats. I don’t know why but the last few weeks I’ve had the munchies really bad especially at work. Healthy bars and packaged snacks from the supermarket aren’t cheap so I decided to make my own! These Rooibos Matcha Cacao Cookies are so so so simple to make, you can whip them up the night before work ready to take for tea break. Even better they are good for you and filling – one or two cookies mid-morning keeps embarrassing tummy rumbles at bay until lunch.

Rooibos Matcha Cacao Cookies #healthybakes

The Recipe

How to make Rooibos Matcha Cacao Cookies

  1. Mash the bananas in a bowl.
  2. Plonk in the rest of the ingredients except 1/4 cup of dark chocolate.
  3. The consistency should form a sticky dough. Don’t be tempted to add any more ground almonds or oats – it will make the cookies too dry!
  4. Take a dessert spoon amount at a time and form into a ball. Place onto a tray covered in greaseproof paper and squash them down to about 1cm thick.
  5. Place in the oven at 180°C for ten minutes (keep an eye on them they don’t take long!).
  6. Leave to cool before melting the remaining dark chocolate and drizzling over the top.

The cacao nibs are quite tough in comparison to chocolate chips so to even out the texture and sweetness, I found it was nice to have half cacao and half dark chocolate. I tried it with just cacao nibs and they were a bit ‘woody’ for me. I felt like I was eating bits of tree bark. Adding both gives a nice crunch as well as gooey chocolate (best of both worlds).

I’ve put in the recipe to add 3 tablespoons of some form of sugar as a minimum. Again I tried it with a lot less (about 1 tablespoon) and it didn’t taste so fabulous. Maple syrup will add a really nice depth of flavour or any other sweetener you like will work too. I decided to add the dark chocolate to make them even more of a treat. You could try 60% milk chocolate, otherwise go for 70% cocoa rather than 80%, as the cookies really need the extra sweetness. I have a notorious sweet tooth so the ratio of chocolate and maple syrup really satisfies the manic chocolate cravings.

Minvita superfood powdersSuperfood powders in potsA Superfood Snack

These cookies aren’t just to stop you munching on sugary snacks, they are full of vitamins and minerals that pack a punch. They’ll give you energy without compromising on nutrition:

  • Rooibos (also known as Redbush) is indigenous to South Africa’s Western Cape which has potent antioxidant and antimutagenic activities (Phytotherapy Research, 2007). It has been noted that when rooibos is used as a fluid replacement throughout the day, as is done with some athletes in South Africa, it provides measurable amounts of several minerals and electrolytes. As it is naturally caffeine-free, it doesn’t lose any of its antioxidant content due to the decaffeination process (The Journal of the American Botanical Council, 2003).
  • Baobab fruit pulp has a naturally high antioxidant content (Food Chemistry, 2007). It is rich in Vitamin C, iron and calcium (Sudan Food Research Centre, 1980).
  • Cacao is extremely rich in flavonoids, molecules found in plants that provide antioxidant effects, similar to those in red wine and green tea (Journal of Medicinal Food, 2000).
  • Oats are an excellent source of dietary fibre. It has been found that increased fibre-intake benefits a number of gastrointestinal disorders (Nutrition Reviews, 2009). Oats are the only source of avenanthramides – they provide anti-inflammatory, anti-atherogenic (preventing plaques in arteries), and antioxidant properties (Cereal Foods World, 2007).

I hope you enjoy the recipe! Have you tried any healthy bakes? Let me know 🙂

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