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Purple Hallowe’en Nail Art

halloween purple bat nail art

Purple Hallowe’en Nail Art

This year I decided to have a little fun and try out some spooky nail art, after being set a challenge by UK nail polish brand, Maggie Anne! Award-winning and 6 toxin-free, their polishes are high quality gel-effect in a range of vibrant colours. If you want to see how I created my purple Hallowe’en nail art, read on below….

Purple halloween nail art tutorial | AprilLilyRose.comm #halloween #nailartPurple Hallowe’en Nail Art

Ombre Base

For the base of the nail art, I opted for an ombre effect. I thought this would be a cool backdrop for my flying bats and Hallowe’en silhouettes. To do this, I first painted two coats of China Glaze Go Go Pink on my nails and let dry for about 15 minutes.

China Glaze Go Go PinkTo create the purple gradient, I used a Primark makeup sponge and three purple polishes. Usually a flat-sided makeup sponge (the cheap ones shaped like a wedge) are great for this and give more control, but as I didn’t have one to hand I used a round one.

You could use scissors to cut into the sponge to give a flat edge, but I didn’t have the patience to try this!

Ombre purple nail polishPaint the purple colours in stripes across the sponge, starting with the darkest at the top and work down to the lightest. I used Maggie Anne in shade Sophie* for the darkest purple shade. Underneath I applied Ciaté Maybe Baby a medium truffle shade. For the lightest lavender shade I used Ciaté Purple Sherbet (a similar polish would be Zoya in shade Julie). Make sure you are generous with the amount applied to the sponge.

Once the nail polish is on the sponge, use it as a stamp across your nail. I wanted the tips of my nails to have the darker Maggie Ann purple shade, so I made sure to position the sponge correctly to achieve this. I found it gave better control by carefully pressing the sponge onto the nail from one side and rolling across.

If the effect doesn’t apply quite right, just add more nail polish to the sponge and dab where needed. I had to re-do a few nails to get this to work! Handy tip: it helps to use a fresh side of the sponge for each nail or every couple of nails for the ombre to look neat. Once the polish starts to absorb and dry in the sponge, you’ll notice it doesn’t roll off onto the nail.

Adding Glitter

To give some more detail to the tips of the nails, I dabbed on China Glaze Prism for some blue sparkle. When you are happy with the ombre base, leave the nails to air dry for at least 15 minutes before moving onto the Hallowe’en silhouettes.

halloween-nail-art-with-ombrePainting The Detail

Hallowe’en Bats

For the nail art detail, I decided to use the darkest nail polish in my humble collection, Clinique Black Honey. I couldn’t find it in stock online, but a similar deep red-plum polish would be Maggie Anne in shade Jane. You can use a small paint brush or nail art tools to precisely paint the spooky Hallowe’en silhouettes. As I had neither to hand, I opted for a cocktail stick.

halloween nail art toolsTo draw the bats, start out with a small round blob on the nail with a smaller dot on top (a bit like a snowman). From there add two wings and two pointed ears. Ta da!

For my left thumb, I also added a big pale pink moon to sit behind my bat. For this I used Orly French Manicure in shade Pink Nude. Once this was dry, I painted the bat over the top.

Bat and moon nail artGraveyard Tombstones

For the tombstones, just paint a thin rectangle and round off the top. Add a cross for added detail if you wish. You could paint several smaller ones or just paint two like mine.

Creepy Skull

Paint a big blob in the middle of the nail. Add a small square underneath for the top row of teeth. Add four dots around the skull for cross-bones. Once dry (it may take a while) add two orange eyes using Zoya in shade Maya.

Haunted house nail artCrooked Haunted House

This was the most fun! First paint on a big crescent moon on one side of the nail. On the other side, draw a long thin rectangle. Add a thin pointed roof with curly edges. Once dry, finish with a long thin window using Orly French Manicure in Pink Nude.

Finish The Look

Let your nails dry for a good 30 minutes at least before applying a top coat to finish. I used my favourite Zoya Armor Top Coat to give a beautiful glossy sheen and to smooth out the detailing.

What do you think?

How do you like my purple Hallowe’en nail art? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment or connecting with me on Twitter! In total, it took me and my sister about two hours to complete this nail art. I managed to do the detailed art on my left hand but I had to rope in my sister to help me with my right hand. It was totally worth it though and I had lots of impressed colleagues comment on my handiwork!

Have a Happy Hallowe’en 🎃

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