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Pretty Pink Sweethearts Nail Art

Pretty Pink Sweethearts Nail Art

On my last shopping trip to Carlisle, I spied this rather sweet Mavala nail polish set in TK Maxx. It wasn't until after getting home and tearing into all my purchases, did I notice that these polishes are 3-free! These big '3' being toluene, formaldehyde, and phthalates (DBP). Rather impressively Mavala polishes also exclude collophane, parabens, camphor, animal ingredients and heavy metals from their ingredients list. (Side note: the shades in this trio don't contain carmine though some of their other red shades do including Black Cherry).

Autumn nail art with pink sweethearts
Autumn nail art with pink sweethearts
Autumn nail art with pink sweethearts

How I did my nails:

  1. To protect my nails I first applied Orly Rubberized Basecoat
  2. Mavala 'Rose Dust' was painted onto both my ring fingers, with Mavala 'Velvet' applied to the rest
  3. After another coat of polish onto each nail, I added a delicate sweetheart to my ring fingers using a pencil to dip into Essie 'Pink About It' 
  4. Seche Vite Topcoat was applied to give extra shine and a smooth finish to the nail art

As someone that is trying to use only 3-free or 5-free nail polish, I am so excited by the Mavala range! Considering the pots are so tiny (at first this annoyed me I had bought such tiny polishes) they are easy to use. The brush is good, and not too small and thin as you find with some brands. The consistency of the polish is very good too, and its easy enough to swipe the colour on in two brush strokes. As for wear, it does an incredible job! Chipping is minor and that's after a good three days, though I do paint a layer of Seche Vite topcoat on top sometimes if I want a little extra durability. I have to say the pigmentation is very impressive for a less-toxic polish, a lot better than I was expecting.

The three colours Rose Dust, Velvet and Via Veneto are just adorable. All are admittedly quite similar, but subtly different enough to justify the purchase :)

I'd say Via Veneto is probably my favourite but I'll be happily interchanging between them all! I'm so happy with my first experience with Mavala, I am certain to say they may well be a long favourite and I'm super excited to try out more of their nail colours!

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