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Natural Hair Highlighter: Camomile

Natural Hair Highlighter: Camomile

This is probably one of the topics within natural beauty that has interested me the most since I first started using only natural and organic products – is it really possible to lift and highlight dark blonde hair without chemicals? After doing some research and a bit of experimenting, I have discovered that camomile is the most effective natural lightener so far that I have tried on my hair.

Camomile Tea Hair RinseCamomile Hair TeaCamomile FlowersDIY Camomile Hair Tea Rinse

This is so simple, but so effective, all you need is a pack of camomile tea bags and hot water.


  • 2 camomile teabags or 1 tablespoon dried camomile flowers
  • 1/4 pint boiling water
  • 3/4 pint cold water
  • Fresh lemon juice (optional)

Pop the teabags in a glass jug and fill 1/4 pint boiling water. Let them steep for at least 5 minutes before topping up with cold water (preferably as long as possible). I usually brew the camomile tea with hot water just before I go for a bath – I’ll leave it to steep and then top-up with the cold water just before using. Rinse hair with the camomile tea after washing hair with shampoo and conditioner. The trick is to remember not to rinse your hair with water after the tea! Wrap hair in a towel and dry as usual. Hair will smell like daisies and have a lovely golden shine 🙂

If adding the lemon juice, I’d recommend only doing this rinse once or twice a week as it is quite drying. I currently rinse my hair with camomile everyday without lemon and I have noticed it is subtly lighter and very soft! Ensuring the tea has cooled by the time you rinse your hair will seal hair cuticles giving it extra shine.

Teabags Versus Dried Flowers

I don’t think there is much difference here, as the teabags are 100% ground camomile flowers anyway. I prefer to use teabags out of convenience to save me having to strain the flowers from the water before using. The teabags are slightly cheaper too and easier to find in the shops and supermarket. I bought a box of Heath and Heather 50 camomile teabags from Holland & Barrett for £3.19 before I found a box of 80 Asda brand camomile teabags for £1.50 – neither are organic as they are just for my hair.

Camomile & Lemon Lightening Spray

Make up the tea rinse as above, with or without the juice of a fresh lemon. Decant into a glass atomiser bottle to spray onto nearly dry or dry hair. For less drying effects of the spray, exclude the addition of lemon juice as it is quite effective at stripping hair of moisture!

My Results

Naturally highlighted blonde hairNatural blonde highlights with camomile

I’m so pleased with the results so far and will continue using the rinse everyday (that I remember!). An update on the lightening effect of camomile will follow in a month or so – hopefully the lighter tones in my hair will lift a little more and become more noticeable. For now I am avoiding using lemon as my hair is quite fine and I think it might be too harsh with possible hair breakage. Camomile alone is just perfect for me 🙂

I’d love to hear if anyone is trying this too – please comment below or send me a tweet!

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