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Mission: Natural Bright Red Lip

Mission: Natural Bright Red Lip

Following on from my review of my favourite natural and vegan lip salves and the perfect dark vampish vegan lipstick, I have made it my mission to find the ‘holy grail’ bright red lipstick that is of course sourced from completely natural ingredients and carmine free (that’s the hard part).

Here are three natural and non-crushed-up-insect lipsticks I have bought and tested over the past month…

Vegan Inika Lipsticks

Inika Rosebud and Inika Electric Red LipsticksLeft, Inika Rosebud; right, Inika Electric Red

Inika Rosebud

I’ll start with the least sharp red-shade of the three. Whilst I quite like this lipstick for a more earthy-pinky tone, it definitely isn’t categorically red. What is very pretty about this shade however is it has quite a nice shimmery golden undertone, which makes it work better as a sheer ‘your lips but better’ shade. It’s easiness to wear all day any day makes it a handy go-to product which I keep in my bag. Add a liberal coating of a natural lipgloss (Madara Moonkissed Rose goes very nicely to match the shimmery vibe) and it’s as simple as that!

Inika Electric Red

Sadly I was duped by the name as it turns out this lipstick is not electric red as I had hoped. Out of the three though, this is my favourite. It has a slightly deeper colour than Inika Rosebud, and resembles a flattering crimson-sangria red on the lips with again, the same shimmery Inika golden undertone. It’s still a little sheer, but more noticeable than Rosebud, which again makes it both easy to apply and wear for both a day-time and night-time look. I like it’s effortlessness especially for work and quick lipstick top-ups during the day without a mirror!

Alva Burnished Red LipstickAlva Lip Gloss

OK, so this is the most intense colour-saturated yummy burnished red lipstick I have ever come across! For a liquid lipstick – and a natural one at that – it is pretty impressive! Again, it’s not strictly the sugary-strawberry-lace-red that I am on the hunt for, but I am very happy I have it in my collection. It is more fussy to apply, and literally loads comes off the wand during application, so you really have to draw it on carefully (and with a mirror…) and blot quite generously afterwards. If this colour had a name (which it doesn’t, only number 3597) it would probably be called Ayers Rock. Think red sandstone, red clay deserts of Eastern Africa – sort of orangey hue, like a split blood red grapefruit. I’m still debating with myself if I suit it that well and I can imagine it not being the sort of shade that’s completely wearable for all skin tones. I’m very pale but perhaps with a bit more bronzer or a summery tan, this might work a little better. Brunettes, you might just like this one 🙂

Inika and Alva Natural Red Lipstick SwatchesLipstick swatches

The hunt for the Holy Grail bright red lip continues! Has anyone found such a product? Any recommendations for a natural, carmine-free intense red lipstick, please leave a comment below or tweet me!

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  • Hephzibah

    Lots by Ilia are quite intense reds – Wild Child, Arabian Knights, Strike It Up are all in that field. 🙂 x

    • Thank you Hephzibah 🙂 – I noticed some of the swatches on your website, they look very vibrant! I’ll definitely be buying some in the New Year to try out 🙂 x

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