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Madara Tinting Fluid Review

Madara Tinting Fluid Review

As someone who used to be inseparable with her MAC Studio Fix, I still find it amazing I can now happily use a sheer tinting fluid rather than a heavy-duty liquid foundation. This Madara tinting fluid has been a favourite and an everyday make-up staple of mine for two years!

Madara Moonflower SetChoosing Which Shade

Moon Flower Rose Beige Vs Sun Flower Golden Beige

Initially I began using the Sun Flower Golden Beige shade, as I thought my pale complexion needed a boost and quite frankly, I was scared to look like the living dead should I actually wear a foundation colour that matched my real skintone. Of course this logic failed and my face ended up looking lovely and tanned, whilst my neck and rest of my body were white as snow. Not a good look! Pairing this with a golden mineral powder on top also added to the interesting mismatch effect. I now keep Sun Flower for summer-tanned or fake tanned skin.

Moon Flower Rose Beige, funnily enough, has no resemblance to the colour beige. It is however, a perfect match for pale and fair skin. As well as being able to buy on it’s own, I also found Madara sets which include a lipgloss in addition to the tinting fluid (as the image above) – it turned out cheaper to buy as a set than to buy separately which was quite a nice excuse to try their Moonkissed Rose lipgloss 🙂

Madara Moonflower Sunflower SwatchesAs you can tell from the swatches, the two shades are complete contrasts to each other.

Texture & Application

The Madara tinting fluid gives a sheer and light-coverage, which I find is nice to mix with a small amount of moisturiser before using my fingers to apply. I found when I used a brush most of the product ended up in the bristles rather than on my face. Whereas I have had experiences in the past of natural or organic foundations being quite watery and often split, this tinting fluid has a lightly creamy texture – and definitely not watery.

Skincare Benefits

The ingredients in both shades are incredibly skin-kind and brilliant for skincare. Rose, sunflower seed oil, rosehip, calendula, chamomile, plantain and algae are the active ingredients in both Moon Flower and Sun Flower; all of which are calming and soothing for the skin. Rose promotes blood circulation in fine capillaries, rosehip is antioxidant, and plantain promotes renewal of damaged skin cells.

The verdict: love!

I must admit, if you are looking for a heavy-duty foundation, this will not work at all as it isn’t build-able. I would still recommend this to anyone with problematic skin, as the herbal properties of the ingredients will really make a difference to skin health. Combine this with an all-natural skincare morning and night routine, and your glowing skin will shine through the sheer makeup 🙂

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