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Love Lula October Box Review

Love Lula October Box Review

 It’s Bonfire Night Eve, which means I have been testing out the products from my first ever Love Lula beauty box (also my first ever subscription box of any description!) for almost a month. I’m glad to say I’ve quite liked all the items that came in the package, which seemed to have a cleansing theme to it.

The contents:

  1. Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips (3ml)
  2. Bodhi & Birch Mint The Bath and Shower Therapy (50ml)
  3. Yes To Carrots Gentle Cleansing Wipes (pack of 10 wipes)
  4. Inika Organic Eye Liner, shade Black Caviar
  5. John Masters Organics Rose and Apricot Hair Milk (5ml sachet)
  6. Green People Purify and Hydrate Cream Cleanser (1.5ml sachet)
  7. Green People Line Eraser Lip and Eye (0.5ml sachet)

Firstly the one product I was slightly disappointed with was the Yes To Carrots make-up wipes. They just took quite a while to take off my natural mascara and I found them to be slightly drying. Then again this isn’t something I would use on a daily basis mostly due to the fact I am in love with my current no-fuss method of using avocado oil slathered all over my face before washing off.

Reading the back of the packet, I noticed the presence of sodium benzoate – a preservative that although is naturally present in low concentration in fruits, is synthesised for production in a laboratory. When combined with citric acid (also on the ingredients list) it forms benzene which is a carcinogenic. Safe to say I wont be using anymore of those. The rest of the box seems to have the OK from me when checking the labels though I still need to take a closer look. Sadly the nipple balm wasn’t as much of an excitement on my lips as it sounded on the tube but not terrible. It’s a very thick paste and does a great job of making my lips go flakey.

My favourite product I am very happy with from this box is the Inika black eyeliner pencil, as I already had this on my shopping list. It is easy to apply, has a lovely soft texture and is a saturated black pigmentation. Full-size as well!! The John Masters hair milk smells utterly incredible (my favourite, rose!) and I really LOVED this in my towel dried hair. I also used it the morning after I had styled my hair the previous day using a hot curling wand (my hair never likes that much) and it really made my ends feel instantly softer, nourished and deeply conditioned. Very pleased to see 9 certified-organic oils and extracts in the ingredients, I could definitely tell they were there. Sodium benzoate is in there though no citric acid. Potassium sorbate too, though I think this product would be fine as it is just topically on my hair and not my skin.

Can’t wait for November’s box!

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