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Love Lula November Box Review

Love Lula November Box Review

It’s the first of December, I’ve eaten my first advent calendar chocolate today, now I’m ready to roll with everything Christmas!! And right in cue I have also come down with my first cold bug of the season – so all these goodies I received in my November Love Lula box have come in handy to make myself feel pampered whilst I’m under the weather.

Love Lula November BoxSuti Cleanse BalmSuti Cleanse Balm (50ml)

This magical delightful pot of utter yum is IN-CREDIBLE! I had never heard of this brand before I tried this and wow it’s so delicious. The blend they have come up with smells very nice and instantly relieves stress just by the deep calming aroma. It smells quite lemony and I mistakingly thought there may be lemongrass in there but it is actually the blend of geranium flower oil, lavender oil and lime oil which are responsible for the citrus-y zing. Using to remove make-up is for once an enjoyable task, dabbing a teeny amount onto a damp cotton flannel and wiping gently over the face. Skin is left feeling super fresh and baby-soft.

Barefoot SOS Rescue CreamLiving Nature & GiovanniJason Apricot ScrubbleBarefoot SOS Dry + Sensitive Face and Body Rescue Cream (25ml)

As a none sufferer of eczema or psoriasis I can’t really say how effective this cream is, but as the winter cold starts to bite I tend to find my skin starts to dry up like to Kalahari Desert if I don’t keep it well hydrated. I was worried the Barefoot SOS cream would be too thick given that most creams for extra dry skin usually are – but it is surprisingly lightweight and sinks nicely into the skin. I’ve really been enjoying using this mostly as a facial moisturiser as this small sample bottle wouldn’t go far to use as a body lotion. What I love about Barefoot’s cream though, are the lovely skin-kind ingredients including burdock which I have read as being brilliant for acne and irritated skin.

Living Nature Nourishing Hand Cream (50ml)

Yay my favourite, lavender! I really adore the scent of lavender and find it helps me feel uplifted when it’s incorporated in any beauty or skincare product. Also with active manuka honey and larch tree extract, this super-soothing lotion absorbs quickly into the skin and hydrates thirsty skin. Many conventional hand creams didn’t do it for me, and I never used them as my hands usually felt greasy after applying (and subsequently getting grease on everything I touched including my hair!), but this feels very pleasant to use with the consistency of a serum.

Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo (60ml)

Thank you Mr. Giovanni for coming in very handy this month! I ran out of my other natural shampoo and I don’t know how or why it took me ages to reorder a few more bottles online and get delivered to my house. The test this shampoo surely passed came in the form of my curled hair. When I use my hot curling wand, my hair very much disapproves and is horribly dry the next day. I don’t think I have come across such a conditioning and nourishing shampoo – especially from a natural brand! It made such a difference, and my hair was soft and smooth after only one wash!

Jasön Brightening Apricot Scrubble (113g)

The star of the show, this is the full-size product in the box. A gentle soap-free foaming scrub, it is a great for exfoliating and doesn’t feel as though the skin has been completely stripped of all its oils. With apricot kernel oil, aloe vera leaf juice and walnut powder, it’s awesome for buffing away dry and dead skin to leave your face glowy all through winter 🙂

Love Lula

Has anyone else tried these products? What do you think of them?

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