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Love Lula December Box Review

Love Lula December Box

Love Lula December Box Review

My December Love Lula box arrived and I was very very excited!! I had really enjoyed the last box – this is my review for November – but sadly December’s box didn’t quite embody the spirit of Christmas. No Christmas card, no Season’s Greetings, nothing sparkly and shiny, and no party make-up or nail polish! There was yet another hand cream and two sample sachets which I’m not a super fan of (can you seriously base an important decision of whether to buy the full-size by testing with 1 measly millilitre of the product, which is packaged in an annoying fiddly sachet?) so I was initially not that impressed, but after trying out all the goodies, there turned out to be a few gems…

Joik Bath Melt & Fair Squared LipbalmJoik Citrus Bath Truffle (35g)

This is probably the product I was the most interested to try as it smells so delicious, think juicy Spanish oranges, zesty summer lemons and bitter-sweet pink grapefruit all squashed into this cute little luxurious Joik bath truffle! It’s essentially a hybrid between a bath melt and a bath bomb, which is perfect if you want to have something extra pampering in your bath. I wouldn’t recommend washing hair after putting the bath truffle in to melt, as you will have slightly oily hair from the cocoa butter, but it’s divine for an evening bath-time treat.

Joik Body Lotion & Facial Serums Sachets

Also with the Joik bath truffle, were two Joik tester sachets. I don’t usually like sachets as you can tell by my above description, but I was pleasantly surprised by the amount which came out of the packaging (very smart and less fiddly than first impression – simple snap in half and it pops out!). The Joik Shimmering Raspberry Bodylotion with sweet almond oil was insanely more yummy than I had anticipated! It smells incredible, fruity yet not childish nor do I smell like a fruit pastille; and I could imagine wearing this without spritzing on a body mist or perfume. I have to say the shimmer isn’t very impressive and I can only see 3 sparkly specks on my arm, but I think I’d make allowances based on how super-soft it makes my skin feel, and the lovely fragrance.

The second sachet also proved me wrong, and was actually very delightful! I snapped the sachet and out poured enough Joik Silky Facial Serum with cranberry and wheatgerm oils for three applications on my face. I ended up massaging it onto any spare skin I didn’t have moisturised with the shimmer body lotion! The smell is again quite tasty and fresh. It would be lovely to wear as a nightime oil, with the scent being quite therapeutic and soothing 🙂

Fair Squared Lip Balms (4g)

It was nice to see some lovely vegan and fair trade lip balms in the box this month, as a girl can never have too many lip balms! The two Fair Squared balms I got were a spearmint and pomegranate, and look slightly ginormous which I blame on the packaging as they are a pretty standard 4g each. Both smell very natural and yummy though it would have been even better if they were tinted as neither have any colour pigmentation at all. Pleasantly the short ingredients list has my approval with 23% of the contents being from fair-trade sources!

Magic Soap & Hand Hydrator

Salcura Sensitive & Dry Skin Hand Hydrator (75ml)

Next up I also received another hand cream to add to a growing collection Love Lula seem to be bestowing upon me, though I guess it is winter and don’t nobody like dry hands! Despite the Aldi-esque branding and packaging, it again smells rather lush. And due to my slight obsession with the smell, this product has magically made me into a hand cream person. Looking into the ingredients, the Salcura Hand Hydrator contains sea-buckthorn, wheatgerm oil, sunflower oil, calendula and jojoba oil which explains the awesomeness of the cream! Strangely they do not advertise these natural oils clearly on their bottles and only gave the latin names.

Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap (237ml)

Yay I got the almond one which is my favourite!! I adore battenberg cake and this is just that smell in a bottle! Cannot get enough Dr Bronners Magic Soap and it is a staple of mine I re-purchase every few months (I tend to stock up quite a bit) – it’s so useful for so many things! I use it as a body wash, face wash (I love using the almond one for my face as opposed to the peppermint one which can be potent on the eyes!), make-up brush cleaner, dish-washing liquid, and sometimes dressing table cleaner. It’s one of those multi-tasking super handy products as well as being 82% organic, I definitely recommend to anyone that hasn’t tried it before.

Total Value of the Box

The total value of the products in the box came to about £25.94 excluding the Joik sample sachets, so a saving of £13.44! For just £12.50 a month I’m very happy with this subscription but would love to see a bit more make-up 🙂

Love Lula

Did anyone else buy this box? What do you think of the products?

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  • Wild Organic Beauty

    Lovely review. I got pretty much the same box, but with a rose Dr Bronner’s. Completely agree about the lack of makeup – I understand that it must be difficult to cater to all skin types/tones, but the only makeup product I have received so far is the Inika black eyeliner.

    • Thank you Kate, that’s very kind 🙂 I know, right? I was expecting at least a glittery bottle of nail polish so I was a little disappointed, and same- I’ve only received the Inika eyeliner so far!

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