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Living Nature Foundation Review

Living Nature Foundation Review

Living Nature Foundation Review

If I’m honest, most natural and organic ‘foundations’ have about as much coverage as a tinted moisturiser.

Acne, angry blemishes, and bad bad skin days have sadly not been helped by the green beauty makeup I own. Late last year, I went through a really horrid acne phase (again!!)… maybe due to stress… I wish I knew… but my forehead and skin around my mouth kept breaking out in big (and I mean FAT ASS) spots that just… Would. Not. Go away.

Annoying enough. However, working in a front of house position in hospitality, I was desperate to hide my bumpy, ugly skin. I finally thought I’d have to get something heavy duty. Up until this point I had been going for the less is more idea, thinking that probably fewer makeup products would alleviate the skin aggravation. This plan, mein lieblings, wasn’t working. In my frustration, I needed to call out the SOS crew.

I did my research, looking for a good coverage foundation. I wanted something that I could pretty much paint my face with. Scrolling through numerous brands within my price range, I decided to try out the Living Nature Foundation. Thus begins THE REVIEW!!!

Living Nature Foundation Pure BuffLiving Nature Foundation Review


Right so when I first tried out the Living Nature Foundation, my reaction was, holy moly. It works. Can you believe that there is a natural foundation that is actually full coverage!? My big beastly spots and redness were hidden and I was happy.

Not Good for Pale Skin

Uno problemo. As you might already know, I am pale as the moon. My paleness bounces off people. I’m almost translucent. Like a jellyfish. The shade ‘Pure Buff’ is yellow-based. Did I realise this when I swatched it on my hand? No. Did I realise this when I applied it to my face? No. The two or three times I put it on, was at 5.30am getting ready for an early shift. To my horror at 8.45am going past a mirror in a well-lit corridor at work, I noticed my face was cakey, dry and yellow. I looked like Lisa Simpson.

In fairness I should have checked properly the description of the shades before purchasing. It does clearly say on the Living Nature and Only Naturals website that Pure Buff is a yellow-toned shade. Face palm.


As you can see from the swatch below, the Living Nature Foundation in Pure Buff is quite beige-toned. Even when blended out it is too dark for very fair skin. Medium skin-tones and olive skin will probably suit this shade much better.

Living Nature Foundation Pure Buff Swatch

Above photo – Living Nature Foundation in shade Pure Buff straight from the pump onto the skin.

Living Nature Foundation Pure Buff Swatch Blended

Above photo – Living Nature Foundation in shade Pure Buff slightly blended.

Living Nature Foundation Pure Buff Completely Blended

Above photo – Living Nature Foundation in shade Pure Buff completely blended.

Shade Guide

According to Only Naturals this is the list of the Living Nature Foundation shades and their descriptions:

  • Pure Buff: A very light shade with soft yellow undertones (suits fair skin)
  • Pure Sand: A light to medium shade with soft yellow undertones (suits fair but lightly-tanned skin tones)
  • Pure Honey: A medium shade with yellow undertones (suits lightly-tanned skin tones)
  • Pure Taupe: A medium to dark shade with pink/peach undertones (suits slightly olive light skin tones)
  • Pure Beige: A darker shade with pink undertones (suits tanned or olive skin tones)


The application isn’t too bad. Moisturise well and work quickly to apply the foundation and it’s all good. It’s a thin-consistency liquid foundation, buildable and does dry very fast. Once it has dried it doesn’t budge. Application tactics would be to work on one area of the face at a time for optimum blending ability. I tried applying it with a makeup sponge, my fingers and a makeup brush. Personally I felt the best application was with a brush or sponge. I did however find it easy to get tidelines along my jaw and around my face.

As the coverage is so heavy-duty, I wouldn’t recommend using a setting powder or even concealer on top. Add bronzer at your own peril! Ease to apply, I would rate 2/5 stars.

Wear, Comfort & Finish

Wearing this foundation, it was quite comfortable which is why I didn’t notice that there was anything wrong. My skin is combination and I do suffer from dry patches, so I can’t layer makeup and try to use a light hand. The Living Nature Foundation didn’t work for my skin type as well as my shade. If you have dry skin I don’t think this would help you, although it may be better suited to oily skin girls.

The finish as I said, was not great. I would give it 1/5 stars. It looked so bad on me and this was only after 2-3 hours of wear. I noticed too, that it sort of peeled away from areas of my face such as my hairline.

It is very matte so if you usually like the glowy, dewy, fresh makeup look then you might be disappointed. I’m so embarrassed by how I looked wearing this that I haven’t touched it in six months. It has been relegated to my dressing table drawer of despair.


The glass bottle is lovely with a heavy thick base and keeps the foundation cool, very MAC-esque. I like the pump that comes attached with it, which easily dispenses the product. It has the twist-to-close function, ideal for travelling. The black card packaging is simple and chic with silver typography. Beautiful, as you would expect from an expensive product.

Living Nature Foundation Glass BottleLiving Nature Foundation Packaging


Aqua (water), Jojoba esters, Macadamia ternifolia seed oil (macadamia oil), Simmondsia chinensis oil (jojoba oil), Persea gratissima oil (avocado oil), Cetearyl wheatstraw glycosides (&) cetearyl alcohol (wheatstraw extract), Stearic acid, Cetyl alcohol, Glycerin, Citrus grandis seed extract (grapefruit seed extract), Mel (manuka honey), Pelargonium graveolens oil (geranium oil), Sclerotium gum, Tocopherol (vitamin E), Leptospermum scoparium oil (manuka oil), Melaleuca alternifolia oil (tea tree oil). May contain: +/- Iron oxides (Cl 77491, Cl 77492, Cl77499), Titanium Dioxide (Cl77891), Zinc Oxide (Cl77947).

Amazing ingredients, 100% vegan friendly.

Final Verdict – Not Worth It

It’s so sad to try a product you’re excited about and find it doesn’t work for you. Stupidly I should have tried to source a sample first before investing in a £29 foundation (30ml). Foundations are notoriously tricky to match, so definitely learn from my mistake! This happened a while back with samples of two other BB/CC Creams which also turned out to have a yellow undertone and subsequently I knew not to purchase in full size.

If you would like to try the Living Nature Foundation, there is a fantastic fair-skin sample set at Love Lula for only £5 (including natural foundations from other brands). I haven’t been able to find anywhere else online that sells the sample.

You can purchase this foundation full-size at Only Naturals where there is currently 10% Easter discount.

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