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January Mini Survival Kit

January Mini Survival Kit

Freezing cold, wind, rain, snow, winter blues, anxiety and difficulties with low confidence (thanks to a crappy break-up) have started to take their toll on me this month.

Why is it when you’re going through stress the natural reaction is to not look after yourself? Since when does self-destruct help any matter? After neglecting my body proper nutrition, and surviving instead on Amazon Prime movies, tea, rage and excessive worrying, I realised taking good care of myself needed to be part of my healing process. I have found a few things that have helped me survive what has so far been not the best 2016.

January mini survival kit: sugar scrub bar, sleep balm and winter repair balm #natural #ethicalWideye Natural Beauty Gift BoxWideye lemongrass sugar scrub bar

January Mini Survival Kit

Sandalwood, Bergamot & Lemongrass Sugar Scrub Bar

Ridiculously long hot baths have been my favourite thing this month. Not only because our shower has decided it shall not send forth water any warmer than 30°C, but because I can literally let my problems soak into the water. I add salts or magnesium flakes, a glorious smelling bath oil, and selfishly hog the bathroom for 30-40 minutes. Step two requires exfoliating which I find very satisfying. The old skin is brushed away, and a new glowing goddess can then step out of the bath whilst saying ‘Ha, take that exes!’ (Even though I dumped them all and they were all embarrassing deadbeats… Idk, I’m over-sharing…)

At the moment I’ve been loving the Sandalwood, Bergamot & Lemongrass Sugar Scrub Bar* from WiDEYE. It smells like sherbet. I cannot stay in a bad mood with this babe of a scent hitting me in the face! An all-natural product, cane sugars and poppy seeds gently buff the skin. The oils leave the skin feeling smooth and pampered.

Wideye Sleeping Beauty Balm

Sleeping Beauty Balm

My favourite essential oil, lavender has saved me this sad pathetic month. If you feel blue, aromatherapy is just such an effective way to ease your worries and anxiety. In desperation and feeling like the walking dead from restless nights, I started adding drops of lavender to my pillow at night. It honestly makes such a difference. In the evening to help wind down, I like to add a dab of lavender balm to my wrists, temples and neck. It’s been my comforter whilst reading or watching a film before bed.

The Sleeping Beauty Balm* from WiDEYE is what I’ve been reaching for. It’s simply lovely and the scent less mild than Badger Balm. The mix of lavender and vetiver also makes it perfect for using on scars or stretch marks.

Wideye Lavender & Winter BalmsSun & Wind Repair Body Balm

A very practical way to combat the winter elements, I’ve upped the moisturising action. My elbows, hands, forehead, and nose have particularly become dry, scaly and quite frankly making me feel less than attractive. Simple things like adding oil to my bath, digging out my hand lotion and rosehip oil and making sure I apply coconut oil as a body lotion everyday have really helped. For extra moisture to shift stubborn dryness, I’ve been applying WiDEYE Sun & Repair Balm*, a rich blend of essential oils, shea butter, apricot and seabuckthorn oils. It’s a glorious bright orange, and magically leaves skin quenched and hydrated in a matter of seconds!

Other ways to recharge, lift your mood and feel good

Some little things that have made an impact on me, which others may find useful too:

  • Getting outside, walking, running, even for 5 minutes on a lunch break
  • Positive healing thoughts (read this interesting article)
  • Regular prayer
  • Reading the Bible – my only source of hope
  • Listening to good music – if you want to stop feeling angry, stop listening to angry songs (dubstep, drum n bass, classical and jazz help me here)
  • Abandon Facebook – or block the people who are causing upset
  • Workout – I like YouTube channels GymRa and XHit Daily to break a sweat, let out my anger and release some endorphins
  • Stretch – pilates is great for getting rid of tension
  • Eating well – smoothies are my go-to for an easy way to get nutrition when I can’t stomach eating a proper meal
  • Keep a journal – something I picked up again recently, it’s very satisfying to write it all out without chewing someone’s ear off
  • Watch funny videos of cats on YouTube 😀

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  • Break-ups (and winter) are tough to get through; don’t be so hard on yourself! All forms of self-care went out the window for me during exam time; I’m only now getting back on track. Love the idea of a survival kit, great post ?

    • Hey Isabel, thanks, yeh I forgot how bad they feel. I’ve taken a bit of a battering. Hope you’re keeping well, and good luck with your exams 🙂 x

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