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Haircare: Wooden Hair Brushes

Natural Hair Brushes

Haircare: Wooden Hair Brushes

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A natural hair brush or comb is an absolute staple purchase if you want to easily improve hair and scalp health, with minimum effort. Any hair length, thin, or thick will benefit from brushing with a natural wooden pin or boar bristle hair brush.

The Benefits

Since going as natural as possible and ditching the chemicals, I found the haircare part a little more difficult to adjust. First, I couldn’t stop using my beloved hair mousse for my super fine baby hair; second, I couldn’t imagine not using my large synthetic barrel hairbrush to blow-dry my hair into a respectable non-flat-and-lifeless fashion! I was convinced there was no other way to style my hair before leaving the house.

After researching, I realised the best way, was natural. I ditched the plastic and synthetic brushes and combs and bought wooden and boar brushes instead. I have found they are not only quite therapeutic to use, but they really do give my hair extra shine and a healthy look without using hair styling products. How? They gently massage the scalp and roots of the hair, distributing the natural oils from the roots to through the full length of the hair. So your hair looks glossy and beautiful, naturally!

Natural boar bristle brushTypes of Natural Hair Brushes

Boar Bristles

Natural boar bristles are much more sturdy and thicker than synthetic bristles and at first it took me a few days to get used to the change. I had got accustomed to my skinny-floppy-stranded hairbrush. Now, I actually enjoy brushing my hair (is that weird?) not just in the morning, but at random times in the day and before bed (a true miracle). It just feels nicer, and whilst at first I found the boar bristles too scratchy, I now really like the way it feels as opposed to my old plastic brushes with plastic bristles.

What you may find, is that the bristles doesn’t ‘grab’ much hair at one time when brushing. To effectively brush hair using boar bristles, I found it required it’s own brushing method – holding the hair on the underside and guiding the hair, whilst it is being brushed on the topside. This also helps prevent crazy static from frenzied brushing, and encourages you to take your time and carefully brush hair, making sure to really brush the oils from the roots and into the lengths, whilst also removing any dirt or excess products from your hair.

When I bought these two, I thought the smaller mini brush would be great for my handbag which explains why I have them in two sizes! This brand is Kent, but there are several brands that sell boar bristle brushes. The larger brush is the Kent Pf07 Olive Paddle Bristle Brush made from beech wood, £8.95 and the Kent Pf10 Handbag Size Bristle Brush, £6.50 – both from Amazon.

Natural Wooden Pin BrushWooden Pins

The Earth Therapeutics Wooden Pin Massage Brush was the first type of wooden brush I bought, as I liked the look of the large pins to sweep through my hair. I have to point out, these wooden pins feel so good on the scalp when brushing!! It really does help to de-stress and release tension, especially after a long day or you just need a head massage. Just like the boar bristles, the wooden massage pins help to brush the natural scalp sebum from the roots to the lengths, though the boar bristle brush is slightly more effective as the bristles are so tightly packed together.

With brushing technique, this brush is very straight-forward and requires a little less work than the boar bristle brush. As the pins are more spaced apart, I also use this on my damp hair after a shower (brushing from the ends upwards to gently untangle hair and discourage knots). I also find it the best one to use with a hair-dryer as it picks up the hair more easily to dry in sections, and less-harsh on the delicate damp hair strands.

Again I bought two sizes, as I thought the smaller one would be one to carry in my bag, but it turns out that it was bigger than it looked on screen. The large paddle brush was £9.75 and the smaller one was £4.96 – both available from Amazon or TKMaxx.

Green Sandalwood CombGreen Sandalwood Comb

Firstly this smells awesome!! Completely in love the natural smell of the sandalwood, it is just incredible! And so far after washing and using for 4 months, it’s still in great condition with no snapped teeth. I use this straight after a bath on damp towel-dried hair and as it is wide-toothed, it doesn’t snag or tear the hair. The only thing is that I have to keep cleaning it (just with any comb really) as it quickly collects my malted strands! I bought this one from Amazon for £6.98.

Washing the Brushes

For both the boar bristle brushes and the wooden pin brushes, I wash them in the same way. Just remove the hair from the bristles and leave in a glass or ceramic bowl upside down in soapy water (I use Dr Bronners Magic Soap). You only want to get the bristles wet and not soak the rubber cushion or the wooden handle – I did this before and completely wrecked the brush! It helps to use a glass bowl that is smaller than the brush so just the bristles soak and the handle is safely out of the way of the washing action.

After soaking for about 20 minutes, remove and lay on some paper towels face down. This prevents the water running into the little air hole in the rubber cushion and inside the brush (I speak from distressed experience) and let air dry overnight. The comb and the handles of the brushes I simply wipe with a damp cloth and that’s it!

Does anybody else use natural hair brushes? Any comments or questions please let me know below or tweet me 🙂

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  • Kate

    I love wooden hairbrushes and combs! I get mine from The Body Shop. Have you seen the YouTuber Holistic Habits? She creates really good videos on natural hair care. xx

    • Yes I love her videos!! She’s so knowledgable I always learn so much from her! And yes I have seen the brushes in Body Shop too, though I don’t have a Body Shop near me so I had to order mine from the internet 🙂 x

  • Hanne Arts

    I have thin, long hair and brush my hair only when it is dry. Would you suggest the boar bristle brush or the wooden brush? (Currently I have a terrible, terrible brush so I am in need of a change.) Thanks for your suggestion!

    • Hi Hanne, I’d suggest the boar bristle brush if you only want one hairbrush. It makes your hair shiny, healthy looking and fluffy (in a good way). It’s brilliant for brushing out curls into waves too if you curl your hair either with a curling iron or heatless. The wooden brush is good if you don’t want to add any thickness to the hair and just want to comb out any knots. It’s also good on damp hair if you don’t have a comb to hand 🙂 My favourite is definitely boar though!! Hope that helps!

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