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Green People Gold Shimmer Bronzer

Green People Gold Shimmer Bronzer

Green People Gold Shimmer Bronzer

My latest, and only natural bronzer in my make-up collection!

Until now I have been using only the Warmth loose powder from Bare Minerals to add a little colour to my pale complexion, since learning that my much loved Ecco Bella Flowercolour Blush in Nutmeg contains carmine (so annoying as it was so pretty). I also learned a couple of months back that bismuth oxychloride (CI 77163) is an irritant and synthetic compound which is, and most likely has been, contributing to my skin problems. I have since switched my loose mineral foundation powder to a bismuth oxychloride free brand, and now more recently I decided to purchase this delightful organic shimmer bronzer from Green People.

Green People Bronzer SwatchThe Swatch

The bronzer has a gorgeous marbled effect with swirls of bronze and streaks of gold running through it, which is brilliant as you can choose how much gold or bronze you would like to apply. For instance you may like to apply more bronze to the cheeks, and just gold shimmer on the eyes as an eyeshadow, or just under the eyebrow as a highlighter – so it’s quite a handy multi-purpose product. As you can see the bronzer is very shimmery, and not matte at all, so if you are after more of a contour powder then this might not be for you.

The Ingredients

Mica, talc, zea mais (corn) starch*, hectorite, silica, aqua (water), sorbic acid, benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acid. May contain (+/-): CI 77891, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499 (mineral pigments). *Ingredients from organic farming.

The bronzer is made with 98.7% natural ingredients, 11.0% of which are certified by ECOCERT as organic ingredients. According to Green People, it is made without parabens, lanolin, ethanol or ethyl alcohol, phthalates, propylene glycol, or any other harsh additives.

Whilst it’s not 100%, almost 99% natural ingredients is pretty good, which is one of the reasons I decided to buy this bronzer (plus it’s quite a task to find a carmine and bismuth oxychloride free bronzer from a UK stockist).

A few ingredients I thought to check: Hectorite is a natural magnesium and lithium-rich clay mineral found in Amercia, and dehydroacetic acid is an organic and naturally bactericide compound. Silica is found naturally occurring, and is a constitute of sand. When used in pressed or solid cosmetics it has no harmful effect on people, however it may cause respiratory toxicity if inhaled, for example, when present in loose mineral powder.

Talc, is an ingredient I have made an effort to try and avoid, but in this instance I decided I would rather have a bronzer containing talc than bismuth oxychloride. Accroding to EWG.org, talc has a high likelihood of contamination, whilst studies have suggested that even cosmetic-grade talc can be carcinogenic due to the presence of magnesium silicate. Fairly misleading of Green People to state this product has “no harsh additives” when it’s main ingredient is talc!

The Application & Texture

Swatching with the fingers, it doesn’t appear to have much pigmentation or colour pay-off on first glance however once you apply with a brush it gives a noticeable yet healthy and natural looking glow to the skin. What I really love about the bronzer, is that it gives me the subtle colour I want to complement my very fair complexion without looking orange hued, or like I dipped my face in a pot of glitter or a pool of mud. It’s somewhere in the middle of the scale in terms of being sheer, but it is buildable which makes it incredibly versatile.


I am usually little fussed about packaging as I don’t tend to carry make-up with me in my bag, but this rather strange design opted by Green People I just had to mention. So somehow they decided to have it shaped as a black plastic egg, and once opened it is very flimsy. The lid flips all the way back and the hinge sits at a very narrow part of the product. Considering I purchased it at £20 I expected the packaging to be a bit more robust, sturdy, functional… and heck, why not pretty?

The Verdict – My Temporary Stand-In

I must say this bronzer is very flattering to my skin tone, and I have reached for it every day since purchasing. But… I am still on the search for a 100% natural and toxic-free bronzer that doesn’t contain talc in addition to carmine or bismuth oxychloride. Whilst this one is very pretty and gives me that subtle glow I wanted from a bronzer, I’m afraid I’m still uneasy with the thought of applying talc to my face. Yes, I am not necessarily inhaling a lot of it as it isn’t a loose mineral product, but I don’t like knowing it’s on my skin.

So, the search continues! Does anybody know if such a wonderful bronzer exists? Any recommendations please do let me know! I’m always on twitter, so feel free to tweet me there too 🙂

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