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Guest Post – Fake It ‘Til You Wake It

Natural makeup to fake looking awake

Guest Post – Fake It ‘Til You Wake It

Today I’m so pleased to feature a guest blog post from Bristol-based beauty blogger, Sasha Seaward. She is the writer behind Balanced Beauty Bristol, and has some amazing tips for how to look refreshed when you don’t feel it.

Fake It ‘Til You Wake It

So as tired mumma with a toddler who has rubbish nighttime habits, I have picked up more than a few tips and tricks to make myself look just that little bit more awake. (Or on the really bad days… you know, just to look ALIVE is good). In fact I’d say I was a bit of an expert now in faking the bright eyed, healthy glow of a …normal person. So I thought I’d share some of my secrets, as these aren’t just for mummas… they obviously work for anyone. So whether you’ve been up till 2am watching Netflix, partying all night with friends, “partying” all night with a baby, or just having a bit of trouble sleeping. Try out some of my suggestions on how to “fake it ’til you wake it”!!

Get that blood pumping

If you have the energy, do some exercise. You get bonus points for this, as not only will you get that flushed, glowy face. But also you’ll release a load of endorphins, making you feel better anyway! Too tired? No worries, crack out a dry body brush and get brushing! This gets your circulation going, as well as your lymphatic system pumping – helping to detox, and get you looking fresh.

Eat a good breakfast

No, coffee alone does NOT count. You need sustenance. You need to kick start your metabolism for the day. And you need to properly energise yourself. So eat some decent, nutritious and delicious food.

Get moisturised

Drink! Drink lots of water, drink it plain, drink it with lemon, just get yourself hydrated from the inside. Now think about the outside, as dry skin looks dull and lifeless. Try popping your toner in the fridge for the ultimate refreshing spritz, perking up your skin. You could even saturate a couple of cotton pads in the cool toner and leave over eyes to reduce any puffiness. I recommend Therapi’s Rose Otto Hydrating Facial Toner. I love to follow this with Evolve’s Hyaluronic Serum for a lightweight yet intense moisture boost. Then use your favourite moisturiser or oil for perfect dewey skin!

How to look awake with makeupMakeup

So THIS is where you can really fake it!

You need to get your skin looking naturally gorgeous. So you probably need a TON of makeup… Just kidding. You really don’t want to go crazy actually, as caked on make up does NOT look great.


Try starting your base off with a tinted moisturiser, for light coverage – just to even out your skin tone, in a subtle way. I’m a big fan of Lily Lolo’s BB cream. If you feel like you need heavier coverage, try Inika’s Liquid Foundation with hyaluronic acid, to add a little extra moisture. Or if you prefer mineral foundations try HoneyPie Minerals foundation.


Highlighter is really key here. Go mad with it!!! Er… within reason. You may not want to turn up to work, or toddler group looking like a disco ball. To get a more subtle, natural sheen try to avoid SUPER glittery, shimmery highlighters. Look more for glowy and gorgeously natural! Focus on the inner corners of eyes and on your brow bone to really open the eyes. Give all the high points of your face  a good dusting to get a healthy glow. For creamy highlighters try the Golden Glow Illuminating Face Shimmer from Nourish. If you prefer a powder try Jane Iredale’s MoonGlow Golden Bronzer (a brilliant multitasker!)


Use blush for natural healthy flush and/or bronzer to add some colour to those cheeks! I love Inika’s Loose Mineral Blush in Peachy Keen, although be warned it’s extremely pigmented, so you barely need to use any! The pot will last you forever (…well… until it goes out of date!!!) Because it’s so pigmented it does looks quite scarily bright in the container, but it comes out a beautiful warm glow. For bronzers try the Jane Iredale MoonGlow Golden Bronzer again. Told you it was a multi tasker!


Curl your lashes to really get that wide eyed look. You can also add a little creamy white eyeliner to the waterline of your bottom lashes to make the eyes look bigger, and brighter! Make sure to use a mascara that doesn’t irritate your eyes. You might find that if you’re super tired, they are that little bit extra sensitive. I like Lily Lolo’s Natural Mascara in black.


Lip wise, you have two options. Glossy and natural, try Modern Mineral’s Invigorating Lip Gloss in Citrine. OR, you can try the route of distraction! Think bold and bright! I love Jane Iredale’s PureMoist Lipstick in Margi, for that perfect pillarbox red.

Of course if all else fails, grab a pair of huge sunnies, drown yourself in coffee, and have a good ol’ wallow in self pity. You earned it!

Brightening makeup using natural organic productsWhat do you think?

I used many of the above techniques and products to create my own fake it to wake it look. What do you think? Not bad for someone up all night with this lunatic two year old….erm.. right?

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