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Everyday Makeup with Natural Products

Everyday Makeup with Natural Products

Day-to-day I’m quite fuss-free with my make-up. I like to keep it very quick and simple especially as I’m not a morning person and so find myself with little time to get ready! This is the look I wear almost everyday for work and lazy weekends. It’s also a great place to start for anyone that might like to swap to natural makeup but don’t know what to buy first…

Chemical Free Everyday MakeupThe Bare Essentials


Making the change from conventional petrochemical cosmetics, to all-natural skin-loving make-up can be a bit daunting especially if you have collected an amass of well-loved, pretty packaged, high-end and high-street products. To begin with it’s best to start with covering the basic essentials of your everyday make-up look. For my foundation I like to use Madara Moon Flower Rose Beige – it is the first natural tinting fluid I ever tried and is still my current favourite. I have a review on the two shades I own, in this post.

The tinting fluid is mainly used for me as a primer rather than the base foundation, and I find it helps my mineral powder stay in place and reduce dry patches. The powder I currently use is Lily Lolo Blondie – a very nice shade for all you pale girls! They do have a range of other shades if you have slightly darker skin.

Natural Vegan Makeup EssentialsNatural Mineral PowdersLily Lolo and Bare Minerals SwatchContouring & Bronzer

Pale girls here’s the most important part of your makeup! It took me ages to realise that instead of trying to wear a darker foundation shade to warm up my complexion, I was supposed to wear a foundation to match my true skin tone, then bring life to my face using a contouring powder or bronzer. The one I have been using for a while now is Bare Minerals Warmth. It’s compliments the skin very well and not orangey at all. There is only a tiny bit of shimmer, but it is otherwise quite a matte powder.

To wear, I take a small angled brush or flat top brush to buff under my cheek bones and around the frame of my face including my temples and jawline, then a little on my neck. A little goes a very long way with this powder! Only a small amount is really needed to give some definition to the face.

Natural Eye Makeup EssentialsLily Lolo and Inika SwatchesThe Eyes

For eyebrows I recommend Inika eyebrow pencils, especially if you are blonde. I haven’t really seen any other blonde organic eyebrow pencils, but this one has a lovely texture. For eyeliner I always reach for my Lily Lolo eyeliner pencil in brown. It’s very affordable (one of the cheaper ones I could find) and has the perfect balance between smudgy and good staying power. I use the eyeliner pencil to tightline and run across my waterline, before drawing along the outer third of my top eyelashes. I then blend this out a little with an eyeshadow brush.

To create big long lashes, I love using my trusted Tweezerman eyelash curlers (every single day!!!) before applying a generous number of coats of Borlind mascara. These two combined are just magical.

The Lips

Most days I will wear a sheer natural lipstick such as Inika Rosebud with a glossy lip salve on top.

Hope you like this look! Does anyone have any favourite make-up products they like to use every day? Let me know below or on twitter 🙂

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