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DIY Natural Toxic-free Eyeliner

Organic bamboo charcoal powder | aprillilyrose.com

DIY Natural Toxic-free Eyeliner

It goes without saying that the eyes and skin around the eyes are very sensitive so for the past few weeks I have been experimenting to create a homemade DIY natural and toxic-free eyeliner. Before going green I had been using L’OrĂ©al Super Liner Gel and I found it difficult to part with it! Turns out that there is a very simple green solution, though I’m not sure how it took me so long to realise this little trick 🙂

DIY activated charcoal and mineral eyeshadow eyeliner | aprillilyrose.com

Activated Charcoal Eyeliner

This sadly didn’t work for me at all. I tried it two ways: first mixed with glycerin, then mixed with water. Neither worked and actually the organic bamboo activated charcoal I bought from Amazon wasn’t ground very well. I ended up with very sore red eyes as larger particles of charcoal fell into my eyeballs! I wouldn’t advise this method unless you can find charcoal as a very fine powder or grind it up yourself (I don’t have a food processor so I couldn’t do this).

Mixing with Glycerin + Water

Mixing with glycerin was a random idea and turns out it was a dumb one at that! I thought it would make the charcoal more of a workable paste but my logic failed as it actually keeps the charcoal from drying. Having permanently wet eyeliner is not great and it smudged all over my eyes. Factor in my hooded eyelids and you can imagine it got a bit messy! Mixing with water just didn’t work due to the powder not being a fine consistency. Once applied there was no pigmentation so it looked like I had very light grey painted across my lash line with bits of charcoal dotted on my eye. Fail.

DIY Eyeliner Make-upLoose Mineral Eyeshadow Eyeliner

After the charcoal incident, I realised the best and most reliable red-eye-free option was to buy a black mineral eyeshadow pigment. For this I purchased Lily Lolo Witchypoo which is brilliant – a matte shade. Lovely fine powder and mixes very well! You could also try a dark brown or navy instead if you didn’t want black.

Mixing with Glycerin + Water

I tried again with glycerin (I really don’t know why!) and I can confirm that mixing black mineral powder with glycerin will result in black smudged eyes… with or without hooded eyelids! Mixing with water however worked brilliantly creating an intense black on the lashline that I wanted. The key is to only apply a thin line across the eyes and a thin flick. Attempting a thick cat eye will look lovely for about 20 seconds before making it look like you have been in a terrible fight with a squid. If I want to make sure it stays put, I wait until the Withcypoo and water mixture on my lids has dried before drawing carefully over it a little with a black eyeliner pencil. For this I use my organic Inika Certified Organic Eyeliner in black.

Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow Eyeliner

For a less intense look and the least risk of panda eye, using a pressed powder is a good option. My favourite is the darkest deep blue-grey shade in the Lily Lolo Laid Bare palette – ‘Exposed’. I just dab my eyeliner brush in a drop of water and then swirl into the Exposed shade. This works well to make the eyelashes seem a little thicker but without the dramatic look of a cat eye. I love to wear this most days as an everyday liner on top of my pinky-brown eyeshadow (from the same palette). Chic and effortless 🙂

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  • Activated charcoal is a great ingredient in masks for detoxifying. It’s a shame it didn’t work for you for eyeliner. Beauty by Britanie recommended it, I wonder where she got her’s.

    • Hey, yes I’ve heard it’s great in other beauty DIYs but it really didn’t work for me around the eye area. The bits of charcoal were so sore in the eye, I ended up with my eyes watering and tears coming down my face because it was irritating my eyes so much! I know some people crush up charcoal tablets to mix for an eyeliner but I can imagine you might get bits if that in your eye too :s

  • swapna_george

    Love this idea, Sophie. Buying witchypoo next. Love it really.

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