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DIY Christmas Snowman Bathbombs

Christmas Bathtime Treat

DIY Christmas Snowman Bathbombs

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In the run up to Christmas and my time off work, I have been very excited to create some lovely pampering treats – all with a festive twist of course! I have been obsessed with everything that smells Christmassy and so decided to make these delicious, spicy, all-natural clementine and clove snowman bath bombs. They’re much cheaper to make than shop bought bath bombs, super easy to make, plus you know exactly what is in them – with no preservatives, SLS or other harsh chemicals.

DIY Christmas Snowman Bathbombs DIY Clementine Clove BathbombsChristmas Snowman BathbombThe Recipe

  • 1 cup (3 parts) sodium bicarbonate
  • 1/4 cup (1 part) citric acid
  • 10 drops clementine essential oil
  • 4-6 drops clove essential oil
  • Distilled water in an atomiser bottle
  • 3 teaspoons dried orange peel (optional)
  • 2 teaspoons dried ground raspberries (optional)

The Method

Measure out the sodium bicarbonate and citric acid and sift into a bowl to remove any lumps (or work through with your fingers). For colour use natural dyes such as ground dried raspberries which will give a purple/blue pigment. You could make your own from fruits or plants you can purchase from your fruit and vegetable shop, or even find in your garden (the juice of wild blackberries/blackites will also give a red/purple colour). Add the essential oils and mix well with a spoon.

Spray the mixture, three sprays at a time, with the distilled water and mix thoroughly with a spoon or your hands before spraying again. I would recommend using a glass atomiser bottle, as it will only lightly mist the bath bomb powder with enough water to not cause the mixture to start fizzing and foaming. You will want to add just enough water for the mixture to hold in your hand, but you don’t want it to be damp – it doesn’t matter if it crumbles slightly, as it will set in it’s mold.

Snowman moldOnce the mixture has enough moisture in it to hold, simply pour into each mold and pat firmly in place. If you like you could fill each mold half way then add some dried orange peel before topping up with another layer of the bath bomb mixture. I used this really cute snowman silicone mold which I found on Amazon but you could use an ice cube tray, or even a the plastic tray in a chocolate box. Silicone molds are quite good to work with as you can easily pop them out. They should be dry and set within an hour or two, or you could leave them overnight.

Remove them from the mold and their ready to be used!

The All-Natural Ingredients

Sodium Bicarbonate

One of the many uses of sodium bicarbonate is it works as a brilliant natural exfoliant, and when added to the bath it helps to soothe dry and itchy winter skin and even eczema. It neuralises the acids on the skin, and effectively removes the skin’s build-up of oil and sweat without being harsh or acting as an irritant, which most commercial shop-bought bubble bath and body wash products will do. So all you sensitive skin people out there like me will love these little festive bath bombs!!

Clove Essential Oil

Another ingredient which I have added for it’s skin-loving properties is clove oil. It is one of my favourite essential oils for my skincare and I use it daily. Not only is it such a Christmassy scent, but it is a wonderful medicinal oil. A natural antiseptic, clove oil can be used to treat infections, bruises, and cuts, as well as helping tired and sore muscles due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties. Also found to be an effective stress and pain reliever, and immune-system booster, I couldn’t find a reason to not add this oil to my relaxing bath bomb recipe 🙂

Clementine Essential Oil

Clementine oil is also one of my favourite aromatherapy oils for it’s uplifting scent. It is also known to help with pain relief and stress. Blending really well with clove oil, together they just capture the smell of Christmas!

While all the ingredients are very safe to use, I would recommend using the clove oil lightly as it is quite a strong hot oil and shouldn’t be used undiluted on the skin. As it is mixed in with the other ingredients in this recipe, about 4-6 drops should be sufficient.

I’m so excited I created my first Christmassy bath bombs! These would also be lovely as a gift to family and friends – simple stack in a glass jar or wrap in paper with ribbon and a homemade label. Please let me know if you try this recipe, I’d love to hear what you think of it 🙂

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