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Suki Natural Cleanser

Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser

Recently my skin has been clearing up really well (finally!) after a stressful couple of months of bad breakouts. I'm now at the glorious dry skin stage, where my latest acne flare-ups have subsided, leaving areas of really dry and flaky skin (ew). To combat this post-breakout problem, I've been testing out the Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser* which has been amazing at bringing a glow back to my complexion after my acne ordeal! Application First of all the smell of this cleanser is so good!! It has a delicate fresh, zingy scent with gingery lemongrass and lavender - a nice aroma to [...]
Soap tower :)

Mini Natural Soap Stash

Digging through my drawers to do a bit of a spring clean this week, I found I had stored away a secret stash of natural soaps which I had completely forgotten about. Pretty impressive organisational skills :) Before I started oil cleansing using the hot cloth method, I used natural soaps all the time as they're quite multi-functional with most being gentle enough to use for both the face and body. Since I have managed to successfully convert my mum into a Dr Bronners fan (woop woop), my mini collection of soaps have been sitting patiently in my dressing table drawer. So [...]
Handmade Naturals Moisturiser

Non-Comedogenic Moisturiser ft. Handmade Naturals

A couple of weeks ago I put out a tweet asking for recommendations for an affordable hydrating moisturiser from natural/organic brands. After my interesting faux-pas with coconut oil as a moisturiser (I ended up having to steam my face over the course of a few weeks to help clear my skin again) I have become very wary of which oils and butters are the most comedogenic i.e. pore-blocking. A bit of research using this very helpful list and this one interestingly found that cocoa butter, coconut butter, coconut oil, wheatgerm oil, soybean oil and red algae are the main oils and butters [...]
Some February Favs!

February Favourites

First of all, yes this is a week late! Second, yay my first favourites post wooo! I've been trying out a few new bits in February that I actually bought back in 2014 but I tend to trial products for a couple of months to decide whether it's working for me, especially in terms of skincare products. Also in the mix I have a film I have really enjoyed and jewellery I have been obsessed with... 1. Opalite Earrings - these are my favourite favourite favourite earrings of all time multiplied by one thousand and fifty nine twenty. They're beautiful. They're sparkly. [...]
Lyonsleaf Calendula Cream

The Benefits of Calendula ft. Lyonsleaf

The vibrant golden sunset yellow-orange petals of marigold or Mary's gold (Calendula officinalis) are both lovely to admire and beneficial for treating numerous ailments. An ancient plant that has been used since the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs, the daisy-like herbaceous perennial flower is native from southern Europe to the Middle East and North Africa; and widely used in herbal remedies due to its abundant medicinal properties, as well as an edible adornment in salads and cooked dishes. A rich source (argued as one of the richest) of antioxidant phytochemicals including carotenoids, lycopine and lutein, calendula presents itself as a must-have in [...]
DIY arrowroot & lemongrass deodorant

DIY Arrowroot and Grapefruit Deodorant

Ok so this is my 4th deodorant recipe... It's been a bit of a mission! I was very happy with the homemade witch hazel deodorant I was using but I fancied having something else that had an alternate scent (witch hazel has quite a strong scent that is difficult to mask/mix with essential oils). I did have a rather embarrassing moment when someone commented near me one day in a supermarket that something smelled very 'herby' like rosemary. It was actually me. There were no herbs around... And I probably used too much juniper, not rosemary. Awks. Anyway, I read [...]
Love Lula December Box

Love Lula December Box Review

My December Love Lula box arrived and I was very very excited!! I had really enjoyed the last box - this is my review for November - but sadly December's box didn't quite embody the spirit of Christmas. No Christmas card, no Season's Greetings, nothing sparkly and shiny, and no party make-up or nail polish! There was yet another hand cream and two sample sachets which I'm not a super fan of (can you seriously base an important decision of whether to buy the full-size by testing with 1 measly millilitre of the product, which is packaged in an annoying [...]
Clove acne oil - April Lily Rose

DIY Clove Acne Treatment

Since reading about the skin benefits of clove oil, I have been testing it out in all sorts of DIY home remedies and skincare products including in a coffee sugar scrub and even bath bombs. Clove and cinnamon essential oils both have incredible medicinal properties including; naturally antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and clove oil is analgesic (powerful pain-reliever) - the perfect oils to create an acne treatment. My Acne Problems Before I began to use natural products, I had a problem with cystic acne mainly around my mouth, chin and mildly across my forehead. In conjunction with these red, inflamed [...]
DIY Wintery Body Lotion Bars

DIY Body Lotion Bars

I originally intended for these to be bath melts, but realised I don't like having oily baths (hair drama) so I decided to re-style them as body lotion bars. I know Lush have some of these in their stores, but they aren't 100% natural... These babies however, most certainly are! :D The Recipe The Base 1 cup unrefined cocoa butter 1/2 cup unrefined coconut oil or shea butter 1/2 beeswax (optional) To add aroma... Christmas 3 drops clove essential oil 3 drops sandalwood essential oil 1 drop ginger essential oil 1 drop black pepper essential oil Floral 4 drops lavender essential [...]
Natural Witch Hazel Deodorant

DIY Witch Hazel Deodorant

Yes... another deodorant! I've been very determined this past month to create and test as many natural homemade deodorants to find something with that extra endurance power. The biggest problem has been with creating something that lasts all through the day - my magnesium and lavender deodorant is great for days when I'm not doing very much as it is water-based, but for days I am at work for eight hours, or if I am out all day, it doesn't really get me through. After trying this recipe for 2 weeks now, it is my latest and favourite aluminium and chemical-free deodorant! [...]