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Organic bamboo charcoal powder | aprillilyrose.com

DIY Natural Toxic-free Eyeliner

It goes without saying that the eyes and skin around the eyes are very sensitive so for the past few weeks I have been experimenting to create a homemade DIY natural and toxic-free eyeliner. Before going green I had been using L'Oréal Super Liner Gel and I found it difficult to part with it! Turns out that there is a very simple green solution, though I'm not sure how it took me so long to realise this little trick :) Activated Charcoal Eyeliner This sadly didn't work for me at all. I tried it two ways: first mixed with glycerin, [...]
Purple smokey eye with natural minerals pigments | www.aprillilyrose.com

Vegan Purple Smokey Eye

Last weekend I headed out to Grasmere with my family for a meal together. As we don't do this very often, it was the perfect opportunity to play around with some of my newest make-up additions and of course I opted for a good old smokey eye. It has to be my all time favourite eye make-up look. I love how it defines the eyes, especially so for girls with blue or green eyes; and with the attention on only one feature of the complexion, you can get away with making little effort with blusher or lipstick. On this occasion, [...]
Green People organic mascara and sea shells

Green People Volumising Mascara

The other week I posted a quick first impressions of a few Green People talc-free make-up things, and also promised to fully review each product individually, so here we are... my review of the Green People Volumising Mascara*! I have to say, this mascara has completely taken top spot in my natural mascara collection since I first used it! Whilst I don't have the largest stash of mascara, I have been using this wonderful Green People Volumising Mascara in Black pretty much everyday. It does everything it promises, and truly creates thicker-looking beautiful wispy lashes with no clumping or crumbling. Clinique High [...]
Bronzing, contouring and highlighting!

How To: Contouring, Bronzing and Highlighting

This is my method of bronzing, contouring and highlighting using a few of my favourite natural make-up products. This is especially handy for the fair-skinned girls! (Warning, scary images of my face coming up.....) Contouring & Highlighting This is something I do almost every day (not exactly like above haha). As I've tried to illustrate in the picture, it's a method of applying make-up to certain areas of the face to help create definition. It's a bit like painting, you need to add light and dark tones to create contrast, shadow and depth, to make the key features stand out. [...]
Earthnicity Minerals

Mini Spring Haul | Earthnicity

Last month I may have had a mini splurge on another green British beauty brand, but it was definitely worth it! When I first came across Earthnicity on twitter totally by accident, I fell in love with their range of makeup. Here's a few bits I picked up with the spring season in mind... British & Independent A big plus for me! I very much love supporting homegrown brands and it makes me feel a little more confident about the ethics of the company. Earthnicity Minerals, based in London, have a whole range of 100% pure mineral make-up without any of the [...]
Lily Lolo Bondi Bronze & Waikiki

Lily Lolo Waikiki and Bondi Bronze

A permanent staple in my everyday make-up routine, I have become completely obsessed with Lily Lolo's bronzers since I bought them. They previously featured in my February favourites and look likely to stay in my favourites for a long time, I seriously cannot be without them. Affordable, beautiful pigmentation and just the right amount of shimmer: instant bronzed summer goddess in a pot! Application First off, I am more of a mineral powder girl and don't really like using cream make-up products very much since I use mineral powder foundation instead of liquid. These bronzers buff into the skin really [...]
Green People Talc Free Collection

Green People Talc-Free Make-Up

So the other week I wrote about how I was little impressed with Green People's Gold Shimmer Bronzer (despite it being quite pretty) due to the ingredients list including talc. I found this a bit naughty, considering their claims that their make-up products contain no harsh additives. In response Green People kindly sent me a few of their products from their new range (OK so I think these have been available for a little while so I'm a bit late to the game!) of talc-free make-up with new design packaging. Here are my first impressions... Pressed Powder I was sent [...]
Benecos Natural Kajal Pencils

Affordable Eye Pencils | Benecos Natural Kajal

As a simple make-up girl I like to keep it quite minimal most days especially for work or if I'm just popping into town to run a few errands. No matter where I'm heading out though, I just can't leave the house without any eyeliner to give my eyes a little definition lest I look like a little field mouse! My current favourites I have been using religiously alternating between every day are two eyeliner pencils from Benecos. The Shades To compliment my pale skin I opted for brown instead of black, and violet. Both shades I think suit any eye colour and [...]
Delicious Red!

Strawberry Red Lipstick ft. Ilia + Lavera

It feels as though spring has kind of arrived in a very British, reserved and enigmatic way. It has been gloriously sunny up in the Lakes recently, but true to form the grey skies and chill in the air have crashed the spring party just to let you know they're still there and you don't live in Southern France like you pretend you do when the sun is pouring golden rays of happiness into your soul as you eat your lunch Al Fresco on a green lush park lawn. Not sure what I'm talking about but let's get on to [...]
Sangria and Cherry Lips

Green People Sangria and Cherry Lips

During January and February I got a little bit obsessed with lipstick. I'm not sure why I do this but every month or so I become fanatic about one particular type of make-up product I want (is this normal?). So whilst browsing the internet, I decided to try the Green People Eco Cherry lipstick as I do like a good dark red! Texture & Application The first lipstick that came through the post did not look nice at all. As you might have seen from the twitter image I posted, the lipstick appeared to have mould all over it. I [...]