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Laidbare and Lavera

Laidbare Tantastic and Lavera Self Tan

This summer I have been on a mini mission to finally find a natural and organic self tan without any parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates, or synthetic DHA so I can avoid baring my lily-white legs to the world! Last week whilst I was away in York, we had some amazing weather and I was able to test run two new purchases: Laidbare Tantastic and Lavera Self Tan. Lavera Self Tan Face Cream, 50ml I decided to buy a self tan specifically for the face as I have been having some seriously major issues with my skin lately and wanted to avoid using [...]
JOIK Fresh & Smooth Gift Box

JOIK Fresh and Smooth Gift Set

Summer for me is the time to amp-up the bath and body pampering. As the temperatures happily saunter between 15-20 degrees and the sun decides to be a little more generous with our weekly allowance of beautiful warm sunshine (intermittently with grey skies and rain), it's the three months my over-worked jeans get a bit of a break. Even when it's not perfect bright clear skies with the sun beating down, I cannot bear to wear stupidly tight leg-suffocating skinny jeans in muggy weather. And now we get to walk into town wearing just a tee, leaving our trusty jackets at [...]
The Body Shop Massage Oils

The Body Shop Massage Oils

From my days as a full time waitress not too long ago, these two massage oils became a favourite of mine for tired achey muscles. I love The Body Shop mostly for the accessories such as wooden combs, hair brushes, roller massagers and body brushes as their skincare, haircare and make-up products are packed full of the usual tripe (does anyone under the age of 70 still use this word?) - these being sulphates, mineral oils, petrochemicals, synthetic and artificial compounds, fragrances, fillers and irritants. Some of their massage oils however seem to be the only things they sell in [...]