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Bath Tea for Silky Soft Skin

The Spa at Armathwaite Hall bath tea

Bath Tea for Silky Soft Skin

Today’s post is based on something I like to do sometimes after a stressful day, and that is making a fancy bath. When plain hot water is not good enough on these occasions, I like to add a few more lovely ingredients to transform the sad old bath into a luxurious spa.

The Spa at Armathwaite Bath Tea | #greenbeauty #natural #spa #luxury

Bath Tea for Silky Soft Skin

As a tea-drinker, the concept of a bath tea sounds rather brilliant. Making myself a human biscuit in a large bath-shaped teacup. I’ve never tried a bath tea before, so I’m excited to embark on a new bathing experience.

The bath tea I’m trying is a creation from Bespoke Aroma, a Lake District based company that specialise in natural and organic bath and body products, in collaboration with The Spa at Armathwaite Hall. The chosen botanicals and essential oils were carefully chosen to complement the new range of signature beauty treatments launching at The Spa this autumn.

Bath tea for silky soft skinThe Spa at Armathwaite bath tea muslin bag

First Impressions

Opening the box, the sweet scent of orange, frankincense and rose is simply beautiful. I know this is going to be good. The bath tea inside looks like a very large, posh, tea bag made from soft muslin. Relief if you imagined a normal-sized tea bag to pop into your bath.

How to Use

I run my bath and swish the bath tea in the water while it runs. Straightaway the water turns pale pink and then cloudy with the raspberry and buttermilk powders. The frankincense fragrances the water with a slightly woody aroma that reminds me of tangy Christingle oranges and Christmas. The orange essential oil adds to the seasonal scent, while the raspberry and rose add last-of-the-summer-in-September notes. Mixed together, it smells incredible and delicious, like late summer berries in summer pudding.

Stepping into the infused bath water I’m intrigued what will happen to me. Will I turn pink with raspberry powder? Will I turn so soft I transform into a soaked trifle sponge finger? Neither happened though I noticed the bath tea made my skin super-soft! Soaking for a glorious 45 minutes, I let the buttermilk naturally exfoliate my skin. Buttermilk contains 3-4% lactic acid, a common alpha hydroxy acid (otherwise known as AHA). This explains why Cleopatra bathed in milk and honey!

Skin Health Benefits

Those suffering with skin problems such as eczema will love this bath product.

  • Dead sea salts are infamous for their skin-healing properties, scientifically proven to improve skin hydration, reduce inflammation and help with skin conditions such as psoriasis (International Journal of Dermatology, 2005)
  • Oats contain polyphenols, which exhibit potent anti-inflammatory and anti-itch activity (Archives of Dermatological Research, 2008)
  • Hibiscus contains a phenolic acid which proved to act as an impressive anti-inflammatory and even inhibit skin cancer (Cancer Letters, 1998)
  • The main aromatic compound found in red raspberries (raspberry ketones) have been shown to improve skin elasticity (Growth Hormone & IGF Research, 2008)
  • Frankincense oil is a wonderful natural source of ant-oxidants for the skin. It effectively reduces free radicals and the damage of skin tissues. It is fantastic to help presentation or improvement of skin-ageing (Journal of Environmental Toxicology, 2008)

The cotton muslin bath tea bag itself can also be used as a flannel. I used it to buff my skin removing any dead skin that the buttermilk worked its magic on. After I finished my bath, I simply popped the bath tea bag in the bin, which is 100% biodegradable.

Bath Tea ingredientsIngredients

Arena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Meal, Sodium Chloride (Dead Sea Salts), Hibiscus Sabdariffa, Buttermilk Powder, Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry) Powder, Rosa Centifolia (Rose), Citrus Sinensis (Orange) Oil, Boswellia Carterii (Frankincense) Oil.

Recommend? Yes!

This bath tea is created exclusively for The Spa at Armathwaite Hall, so currently the only way to purchase them is to visit in person. The introductory price is £3.95 each, which is quite good for the size of the bath tea plus you can use the muslin cloth.

Would I recommend? Yes, this really is a bath tea for silky soft skin. After my relaxing bath tea experience, I felt like a smooth glowing cherub. And it’s a lot less messy than throwing the ingredients into the bath or using a bath bomb. Who wouldn’t want all the skin-care benefits found in the natural wonder botanicals in this bath tea!!??

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  • Helen

    This sounds like bliss. I love the smell of roses and frankincense so know this would suit me. I’ve tried a test bag for a bath before but it was literally just a giant paper teabag and wasn’t that great. This sounds good though.

    • Hi Helen, thanks yes it’s so lovely! The frankincense especially just smells amazing. Oh no haha a giant paper teabag? I haven’t heard of that before!

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